A Camino Haciael Destino: Summaries Of Episodes 35 to 39

A camino hacia el destino

Episode # 35 Isabela tells Fernanda that she is expecting a child from Carlos and that for this reason she will continue to see him. Carlos tells Isabela that because of her he has lost Fernanda. Fernanda begs Cesar not to tell his father. Lupe warns Amelia to beware of Mariana. The latter does not want to share the fortune of their father. Marissa asks Pedro to take care of the garden. She catches him talking to the flowers. Pedro faints. Marissa calls her son for help and warns Fernanda. Carlos tells his mother what happened, that Isabela is…

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Shopping Fashion: Spring / Summer 2017: 39 Perfect Striped Shirts for The Season

Shopping Fashion: Spring / Summer 2017: 39 Perfect Striped Shirts

This year, the blue striped shirt returns in force to squat all the dressings. To glamorize a jeans mom or to bring a casual touch to a too strict look, it is already THE flagship of the season. Here are some models to shopper emergency. The perfect look of Spring 2017? A fitted trench, a jean mom a little destroy and … a blue striped shirt! A casual outfit that provides a casual look with a nice pair of white sneakers or a more elegant style with a nice pair of stilletos. Since you have…

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