2018 Ford Transit Connect: How Well Does It Commute

2018 Ford Transit Connect: How Well Does It Commute

Buyers who are in the lookout for commercial vansthat commute within the confinement of urban areas and carry smaller loads needs to check out the latest 2018 model of Ford Transit Connect. It has come out to be a popular vehicle for many small business owners because of its affordability that can be expected from a full-size cargo van. Though it won’t be of much use to compare the Ford Transit Connect with the space, towing and payload capacity of the larger models, its four-cylinder engine with a car-based platform can prove to be more economical to own, easier to operate and beneficial to use.

Trims and Options

According to the best Ford dealer in North County, the 2018 Ford Transit Connect is available in only one engine option of 2.5-liter four-cylinder one that can deliver a horsepower of 169 and torque of 171 pound-feet. The power it receives in the front wheels is through a six-speed automatic transmission. There are two body styles and three trim levels, while you can opt from the two available wheelbases and a number of customizing options that make it easy for daily commute.

The short-wheelbase passenger option is a wagon that can accommodate up to five passengers, while the long-wheelbase model can fit up to seven. The highest trim level brings comfortwith features like high quality leather seats, separate rear climate controls and a touchscreen infotainment system with an advanced navigation system.

The Design

Apart from being economical, useful and practical, the Euro-derived van 2018 Ford Transit Connect looks stylish with a modern design that leaves its boxier competitors a bit behind. The cabin too carries on as equally aesthetic in the manner it accommodates, comforts and carries people and stuff.The seats are modern and cozy, while the dashboard appears to be quite well-organized.

Interior Comfort

The 2018 Ford Transit Connect is known as awagon that certainly makes a good family vehicle, that is generous with the amount of space provided for each passenger from every angle. The trim that carries up to seven passengers and both the short- and long-wheelbase cargo van editions are tailored in an intelligent way to meet the variety of needs a cargo van has to fulfill and the duties it has to carry out. The quality of the interior materials is standard as other Ford products and looks pretty impressivein respect to its segment.

Cargo Space

The 2018 Ford Transit Connect is primarily aimed to haul cargo. To serve that purpose, the short-wheelbase cargo trimof the Transit Connect measures a space of 103.9 cubic feet right behindthe front seats, while the long-wheelbase trims are proud to extend the same to a huge 128.6 cubic feet. As shared by the Escondido Ford dealer, the cargo room in the short-wheelbase wagons however is reduced to a measurement of 77.1 cubic feet, and in the long-wheelbase ones you get a space of 104.2 cubic feet.

Driving Impressions

Although the 2018 Ford Transit Connect might not be ahead of its V6-powered competitors, the vehicle appeals for its lightweight disposition and a lot of agility that might allure a lot of urban consumers.

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