Can Construction Loans Promise a Big Pay Day?

Construction Loans

Banks remain reluctant to offer funds for new construction loans, especially in the commercial sphere. This makes it difficult for owners and builders who are interested in building commercial, multi-family, multi-use, and residential properties to get the funding they need to turn their visions into reality. At least it is difficult to get them through traditional banks and financial institutions. This is where private investors come into the picture. As a private investor, you can invest in these properties by offering commercial construction loans. These loans can provide you with…

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How Does Culture Influence Holistic Therapy Planning & Client Services?

Culture is a driving force behind an individual’s personal identity and may influence a person’s ability to permanently leave their addiction behind them once choose to seek holistic treatment. Understanding how race, ethnicity, gender, and socioeconomic factors influence a person’s propensity to develop drug addiction problems helps drug-dependent individuals and their families prepare for recovery. Holistic Therapy Center Treatment Plans & Cultural Influences Race & Ethnicity Therapists working in a holistic recovery center today often involve influential leaders from a drug-dependent client’s community to help create a personalized program. For…

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