4 Great Ways To Propose To The One You Love.

4 Great Ways To Propose To The One You Love.

Getting married is a big step in life,and so is the commitment to spend the rest of your life, with the love of your life. You have finally plucked up the courage to ask your partner to get married, but you want to do it in such a way that it will be remembered, not just by you and your loved one, but by everyone. Coming up with an original proposal idea can be difficult and you don’t want to lose the moment by going over the top. Here are some top proposal ideas.

  1. Special Places – Jot down a few places that are special, not only to you but also your partner. Then send your beloved to these places with some of their best friends. Along the way, there will be hair and nail appointments and shopping for clothes, but you will also leave special messagesthere, reminding them of what is so unique and why these places are important. The ultimate goal after you have treated them to a great day out, is to arrange to meet them without their knowledge, and then surprise them with your marriage proposal. If you can get family members there as well, then that’s even better.
  2. Movie Time – With today’s modern technology and the fact that you can create a home movie even on your phone, the next idea is very doable. Certain places stick in our minds during a relationship, like the park we went to and lay in each others arms for hours, or the restaurant where we first told our partner that we loved them. Make some short movie clips of these places and narrate why, you feel that these places are special to you but also special for the relationship. Then show the movie at a surprise party or dinner , or if you can make it happen, at your local picture theatre.
  3. Location, Location – The beach is also a popular destination and is one of the top romantic proposal ideas, when making a marriage proposal. We have all been to the beach and we all have fond memories of this place. Something as simple as drawing your marriage proposal in the sand or creating it out of stones and sea shells, is a beautiful gesture and one which your partner will always remember. If it’s a warm sunny day when you do it, then that makes the moment all that more amazing and special.
  4. Old School – However, there is a lot to be said for the old fashioned marriage proposal. You book your partners favorite restaurant and you arrange everything with the manager and the staff there. Obviously a bottle of champagne is a given, and romantic music playing in the background. As you move through your starter and main course, you talk about all the good times you had togetherand then propose a toast to being together for so long. The waiter pops the cork and drops the ring into the glass. You get down on one knee and make your proposal.

There are tried and tested methods, and there are new and very unique ways to propose marriage. What ever way you choose, it will be a day to remember for many years to come.

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