5 Common Transmission Problems to Resolve

5 Common Transmission Problems to Resolve

When we have a car that runs on automatic transmissions, it is common to experience fluid leaks in them. If this happens, levels of fluid would reduce and affect the way the transmission works to deliver smooth rides on the road. If your car has an automatic transmission, you must have a rough idea about what are the situations in which the transmission might fail to get started. In all these cases, you won’t be alone in the mess,rather transmission failure is considered to be one of the most common problems that car owners experience, and this is almost inevitable once a vehicle gets older and its parts start wearing out. But that is not the only issue that affects the transmission. There are a few more in the queue of probability that are commonly seen with transmissions and here we have made an attempt to discuss about the five most common signs of transmission problems you should not ignore and how to deal with them.

  1. Slipping of the Transmission

According to a renowned collision repair expert, if it feels like that you were driving in a certain gear and suddenly it changes to another for no apparent reason, then it might be a sign of experiencing the outcome of automatic transmission slipping. The other way in which you can be sure is the noise from the engine that has changed its pitch or has started to sound more like whining. Simultaneously your car might have to struggle a lot to gain its required amount of power to accelerate the way it should.

  1. Rough Shifts

If you need to struggle while shifting the gear, or the gear shifts are no more that smooth, it might be the transmission which is at fault. To identify the problem, check for a noticeable sound of “clunk” or “thud” while shifting the shifts of the gears.

  1. Delayed Response

If there is a delay in the start or gear shift of the car, this can actually be a symptom of a damaged transmission. To get some more clue to the fact try shifting out of “P” and into “D,”, if you find a long pause in the car rev, then it is time to get your transmission repaired.

  1. Fluid Leak

Transmissions are generally created as sealed units from wherethe fluid should never leak out. But accidents do happen. So if you notice wet spots on your garage floor or on the driveway, lay down a cardboard under the car in the front and in the middle to see if theyare really leaking.

You can come to know your transmission is leaking,if you see any bright or dark red fluid dripping out.

  1. Transmission warning light

As per the advices of the Salisbury collision repair center, one should always keep a watch on the “check engine” light as a preventive warning. If it is ‘on’, even though that doesn’t exactly indicate a transmission problem, one should consult a certified car mechanic.


If you face any of the above situation, it is always the safest way to take a professional help and fix up those issues before you take out your car on the road.

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