5 Earrings That Will Make Your Bffs Jealous

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Earrings are just small trinkets that you put on your ears but then can create a quiet buzz. Earrings not only define a fashion statement but also define your personality. They make for great stunning additions to a girl’s fashion box of accessories.

Nowadays you can buy several earrings online and in the markets and never get tired of them. There are just so many trends, styles, and types in the world of earrings. Designers are going with old classics or making bold new designs.

5 earrings that will make your BFFs jealous

Or in some cases, they are going for postmodern specimens mixing the aspects from the best of both worlds. There are the trendy hoops and the graceful chandelier earrings. There are the ethnic jhumkas or jhumkis and jangles along with some bold small studs. However, to get a distinct look and to make your other friends jealous, you can try out a few of this classic and new takes on earrings.

  1. Ear Threads

Ear threads are a rather new trend but still getting popular reactions from women. It is known by many names like ear threaders or ear strings. It is very easy to wear as it can just slip into the ear hole and it dangles as it comes back out. People can customize ear threads by adding beads, stones or other materials to the chain.

  1. Studs

Metallic or plastic studs are still in fashion, years after their first arrival in the market. These look great with a pair of jeans and t-shirt and with your ethnic wear. Be it a gothic look or a simple look, a pair of studs will offer you many uses!

Wear them with whatever you want.

  1. Huggy earrings

Huggies or huggy earrings are pretty popular and are available in various shapes, sizes, and colors. These include rectangles, squares, and even heart shapes, for that matter. It is compact and encircles the earlobe comfortably. You can find most of the huggy earrings with stones that are channel set.

  1. Hoop earrings

These are also pretty popular for those who are looking for casual earrings. These include large circular or semi-circular earrings. It is basically like you are wearing a large finger ring in your ear. There is a hoop of metal which you can open with ease and stick it in the earlobe. Hoop earrings usually have a thin metallic body which is available in many simple, trendy colors. Wearing a hoop earring would make your ears stand out distinctly. They have a great presence to them.

  1. Drop earrings

Drop earrings are a classic pick which is simple in design yet very elegant looking. They usually include long lines starting from the hook along with some intricate patterns. The chain looks like containing several frozen beads of dew. The beads, stones or gems at the end of a drop earring’s chain are also of varying shapes. Some gems might be oval or square although circular gems can be seen in most of the specimens.

So you can use these examples as a guide to shopping for the perfect earrings which match your personality and style. Another thing to consider along with this can be your facial structure. And obviously, there is the function and the dress that also needs to be kept in an account for the right choice. Keep these in mind and out of these five top picks; you can choose the right one to highlight your ears. Happy shopping!

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