5 More Tips for an SEO-Friendly Landing Page

5 More Tips for an SEO-Friendly Landing Page

It is important to make sure that your landing page is optimised for search engines. This is because you want users to be directed to your landing page rather than a random page on your website, as your landing page gives an overview of the website and tells users about your CTA (such as asking them to buy your products or sign up to your newsletter).

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If you want to ensure that your landing page is optimised, here are five tips for an SEO friendly landing page.

Is It Easy to Navigate?

It is essential that users can easily navigate away from the landing page to find products and services that they are interested in. After all, if they can’t navigate around, they won’t be able to do business with your website – and they will quickly become frustrated and leave. This can result in lower engagement, lowering the SEO ranking for your landing page.

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Is It Shareable?

It is also important to make sure that your landing page is sharable. We live in a time of social media sharing and constant connection buttons, and the more shares you get the better your SEO will be.

Clicks Consistent

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Are You Tracking Clicks?

It is essential to track clicks from your landing page to monitor its success. If you see that lots of users are clicking through to other pages on your website, this will help to raise the SEO ranking on your landing page – but if users are clicking on your landing page and then leaving your website, this will lower your SEO ranking.

Are the Clicks Consistent?

It is also important to make sure that the clicks are consistent, as a decrease could mean that the quality of your website is changing. This means you can identify when interactions are lower on your landing page, making it easier for you to identify the problem that is resulting in lower engagement. After all, if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

Are You Breaking Traffic Down?

You can use Google Analytics tools to break landing page traffic down, making it easier for you to find out what landing page keywords are more (or less) effective.

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