5 Realistic Ways To Make Legit Money Online

5 Realistic Ways To Make Legit Money Online

Everybody who’s online these days wants the secret to earning legitimate Internet income. Despite the many offers posted everywhere, each promising to give you the fastest way to make money, the reality that there is no such thing as a free lunch remains. In order for you to earn real dollars online, you have to work for it; so anything that guarantees a get-rich-quick scheme is something you should steer clear of. Here are five tried and tested ways to legitimately make money online.

  1. Blogging and Freelance Writing

If you have the talent and are professional enough to ensure that your work is delivered according to schedule, you can make a good amount of money as a writer. There are plenty of ways to write for the Internet and these can include blogging, ghostwriting, article writing, copywriting, resume writing, and more. Companies sometimes offer full-time fixed monthly rates, while other are willing to pay as much as $100 per 400-word blog post. Check out local listings, Upwork, Craiglist, and other job sites for leads.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing lets you partner with companies and brands—and you earn a commission by referring those brands to your readers. For example, you have a website or blog and people click through to your partner’s site after seeing the link on yours, which will come with a unique affiliate code. When people buy the product or service via your link, you earn passive income.

  1. Producing Online Courses

Teaching is fun—and you can definitely do so online. You can create online PDF, audio, or video courses depending on your area of mastery. Love cooking? You can set up cooking demonstrations and videos that people can pay for to access. Platforms like Teachable.com offer a great starting ground for program makers who want to charge a fee for the unique courses they make online.

  1. YouTube

So many people have made it big by posting videos on YouTube. You can post makeup tutorials, how-tos, unboxings, reviews, and whatever it is that interests you. When advertisers see that you have developed a considerable following that’s composed of people with the capacity to buy, they will pay to have an ad slot on your YouTube videos and page. Some brands also will contact you directly for placements and endorsements.

  1. Sponsored Posts

This is for those who already have a large social media or website following and called “influencers.” Advertisers will pay a hefty sum to be endorsed by these sites or pages because their viewers “trust” their judgment and will more likely buy a product or service if such people say it is good.

The bottomline to making money online is work—and some creativity. There are no instant millionaires online, but those who put in the time and the effort to learn how things are earned on the Internet will certainly be rewarded.

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