5 Things You Need to Start a Small Restaurant

Small Restaurant

For your newly opened restaurant to work, you’ll need an assortment of things to ensure your premises functions correctly. Once you get to grips with the main components, you can add additional items and services when you feel comfortable with your primary mechanisms. Your company will require some specific segments and each one should run in unison with the other to ensure a successful business.

Here are some valuable tips for you to consider.


Before opening your restaurant, you need to decide on the kind of cuisine you will serve, is it a steakhouse, a Thai restaurant or will you serve Mexican cuisine. This will help potential customer better understand the type of food you will be offering and what to expect from your menu.

Some potential businesses you could open include:

  • Steakhouse
  • Bar & Grill
  • Burger joint
  • Health foods
  • Fast food
  • Ethnic cuisine
  • Pizzeria
  • Sandwich shop


You’ll have to decide on the type of ambience you wish to create, this all depends on the type of food you will serve. For example, if you are planning on entering the fine dining market, you’ll want to develop a restaurant which is chic, stylish and takes into consideration every minute detail. A fine dining establishment usually offers a subdued atmosphere, with dimmed lighting and relaxing jazz or piano music playing in the background. The interior décor will be draped with fashionable, designer products which make the place look and feel like a high-end establishment.

The tables should be covered with flawless, elegant linen surrounded by clean, high-quality silverware. You can choose a specific type of table linen and colour, one which will suit your overall concept. If you are asking yourself, “where can I hire table linen?”, there are several professional online companies who supply restaurants with stylish table cloth, perfect for any type of eatery.

Experienced Staff

Experienced staff are crucial to the functionality of your restaurant, they keep things together and deal with customers face to face, they create first impressions so they should have exceptional interpersonal and customer service skills. Your staff members will take orders, wash dishes, serve customers and work as cashiers. Always consider trustworthy employees, especially people who have been assigned to deal with cash and credit card transactions.


This area should be large enough to deal with whatever number of potential customers walk through the door, it must have the right type of equipment and a competent chef holding the reins. It should be spotless, with cooking, cleaning and storage facilities.

Monetary Transaction Facilities

You’ll require a system to deal with monetary transactions, not just for cash payments but also for credit/debit card dealings. The restaurant will need a cash storage system, so it won’t fall foul of theft, a safety deposit box or safe would be advisable for short-term storage purposes.

Aim for fresh, seasonal food stuffs and decide on a target market. Continually assess and evaluate your business to ensure run your restaurant in the best possible manner.

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