5 ways to buy shoes online

5 ways to buy shoes online

Buying shoes online is a lot different than buying dresses online. We present 5 simple tips to make it a hassle-free experience.

Are you one of those people who shop for dresses online but draw the line at picking shoes off the Internet? You might believe that you won’t get the right fit or the kind of comfortable sole you are looking for, and that shoe shopping is best left for your mall visits.

We’ve got good news – you can easily buy shoes online, provided you follow a few simple steps.

#1 Get your feet measured.

The first thing to do before buying shoes online is to know your feet measurement. On a blank paper, place your feet and draw a pencil outline around them. If you are planning to wear socks inside your shoe, then first wear socks and then proceed to draw the outline. Now measure them (in both centimetre and inches). You will notice that one foot is larger than the other – this is normal. When buying shoes, go with the larger size so that you can find a good fit.

#2 Study the size guide as per your foot measurement.

Now that you have the size measurement, open your preferred shopping app and study the size guide offered with each shoe illustration. Apps like Jabong show the accurate measurements and also give size choices to choose from. Compare the sizes given with the foot measurement you took before making your choice. Normally, the size guide is uniform throughout the same app. So if you have bought shoes from the app previously, you can buy the same size the next time.

#3 Study the app’s exchange and return policy.

Shoes are a difficult category of online shopping, for both retailers and buyers. They are unlike buying dresses online, where you can just hold the clothing against your body and know that it is not the right size. Most shopping sites are finicky about exchanging or returning footwear for hygiene purposes. Study the app’s exchange policy carefully before buying. When the order arrives, wear a clean pair of socks before trying on the shoes. Do not remove the price tag or throw away the packaging – it is better to return the shoes in the exact condition that they arrived in.

#4 Check the colour and material as closely as possible.

You might be fooled into buying the wrong shade of shoes. What looked like olive green canvas shoes on the shopping app may actually be khaki green in reality. When buying shoes online, choose apps like Jabong that offer multiple photographs and options to zoom into the product to study its material, texture and colour in detail.

#5 Buy shoes from trusted apps.

Though every fashion site today offers shoes and dresses online, only a fewcan be trusted enough to buy from. It is always better to buy shoes from reputed apps like Jabong, which have a completely hassle-free purchase process and return policy.

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