5 Ways to Make This Christmas More Fun

5 Ways to Make This Christmas More Fun

The holidays are naturally a fun-filled time of year. Trees are trimmed; stockings are stuffed, and kids eat too many sweets.

Without special attention, however, the holidays can start to feel less exciting for kids as they get older and grow out of many holiday traditions.

To help your older (and younger) kids keep their love for the joy of Christmas alive, try these 5 ways to make Christmas more fun this year!

  1. Christmas Shop Together

Sure, Christmas shopping is part of every holiday season. But how often do you get the whole family involved in the shopping?

Rather than just going out on your own to pick up gifts for friends and relatives, ask the kids to come along on some trips or to help you decide what to buy for specific people. Older kids will love the responsibility you’re giving them, and younger kids just love to be involved. Shopping for their grandparents or other relatives can give children the joy of being able to give back to others. It can also provide kids with more insight into adults as people.

  1. Christmas Gift Giving

Get everyone together and bake some special holiday treats together. It doesn’t matter what you make, but choosing a treat that’s easy to wrap and deliver is your best choice.


Because you’re going to wrap them up and deliver treats to the neighbors!

Use name labels to write a small “Happy Holidays” message on each package of treats and then drop them off at your neighbors’ homes. The labels will make the packages more festive while making your children feel more involved with the giving process. Not only will you build good holiday cheer, but you will also be teaching your kids how to do something for others during this joyous season.

  1. Theme Nights

Do you and your family often find yourselves lying around watching Christmas movies with no real plan or goal for the evening?

While that’s fine, every night being like this can wind up feeling pretty boring. Instead of sitting around, try planning some fun theme nights. You can take turns picking themes or plan a schedule. This could be a chance to catch up on family favorites, re-watch a series of movies, or explore films your family hasn’t seen before.

  1. Give More

Focusing too much on getting gifts during the holiday season can feel like a bad idea. No one wants their kids to learn to be selfish or too absorbed in what they will be receiving during the holiday season.

One way to gently remind your children that they are lucky to have what they do is to volunteer more during the holiday season. This will help show them the joy of giving to others while also making a real difference in the community.

A few good places to check out to volunteer at include:

  • Soup kitchens
  • Community centers
  • Churches
  • Local non-profits
  • Animal shelters
  • Elderly care homes
  1. Make Homemade Ornaments

Making handmade ornaments if often thought of a preschool level kids’ activity, but don’t forget that your older children might enjoy this type of creative outlet as well.

Gather supplies to make some more sophisticated and beautiful Christmas ornaments. Check online for ornament craft ideas or check at your local craft supply store.

One unique idea is to buy acrylic paint and glass circular globe ornaments. To decorate these ornaments, simply squeeze a few squirts of different colored paint into each ornament.

Then, roll the ornament around to help the paint coat the inside of the ornament! Roll slowly, and make sure to not put too much paint inside at one time or the colors may become muddled.

Whether you choose to make this ornament or another one, simply taking time to make something together will kindle the spirit of holiday joy in kids of all ages.

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