7 Quick Tips For Wedding Return Gifts

Quick Tips For Wedding Return Gifts

Wedding is always a special day in one’s life. It is not a single day affair. Wedding planning starts pretty ahead of the day. Right from booking makeup artist to caterers, everything is planned to make the day memorable for the couple getting married. But what makes wedding memorable are your friends and families, whose impeccably dressed, wholesome and warm presence has made your big day better. So, why not reciprocate their gesture by giving them with a nice wedding return gift? It will not only make them happy, but will also make them feel special and honoured. It is just a way of saying thank you to your guests. You can decide on a return gift depending upon your budget and number of guests. You have many options to go for but just take into account following 7 tips to arrive at the perfect wedding return gifts.

  1. Start early to decide the wedding return gifts to avoid the last minute hustle. First you should get the stats on how many people you are expecting at your wedding? And how much you are ready to spend on wedding return gifts? Do you want to present all of them a same one or different ones?
  2. Once you have a fair judgement of the count and budget, next comes the main question”What should be the Wedding return gift?” There are plenty of gift ideas available now in market; handcrafted crafts, paintings, chocolates to name a few .So how to choose from the entire range? Which factors should be given more importance? What will make them best for your guest? What they would like to have? Don’t worry!! Take a deep breath and read on!!
  3. Whatever is your budget, try to look for simple, yet unique and personalised gifts which add a personal touch and tend to be more memorable as your guest can see the efforts put by you for them. Don’t look it as a formality but take it as a chance to make your wedding different. It is one of the ways to keep your wedding day remembered for years!! Little extra efforts can definitely do that for you.
  4. The choice of the wedding return gifts totally depends on one’s taste. Factors like wedding location, wedding theme can also play a significant role while deciding a wedding return gift.

Ex: If you are planning to have a destination wedding with a theme at location like Goa, a gift matching with the theme or customised gifts reflecting the culture, tradition or speciality of the place can be a very good option here. Now a day, we get personalized gift articles with different themes such as floral, vintage, bollywood, cultural and many more.

  1. Packing of gift article is also one of the aspects to look for, especially for the wedding return gifts which have less shelf life. Chocolates packed in beautifully engraved, unique boxes add the extra beauty!!!. People would enjoy the chocolates and those boxes will not go to dustbins but would be kept properly, can be reused. It makes the memories of your wedding last longer. Make sure that your wedding gifts are with attractive packing and add value for your guest.
  2. Don’t forget the “Thank you “message. In the afterglow of a wedding, write thank-you notes expressing the gratitude towards your guest. Buy thank-you cards early and keep them handy. You can also order the same to be printed on the wedding gift articles as well. Ideally, you should send the wedding return gift immediately, but sending it within two weeks is also acceptable as period surrounding your wedding is a busy time.
  3. Last but not the least on the list, ‘Finding a place to purchase the wedding return gifts’!! As most of the couples are earning pretty handsome amount and have increased spending power, market is already flooded with shops, galleries which sell the wedding return gifts. But contrarily ‘time’ is one of the biggest constraints here. We don’t have enough time to wander in lanes of market, visiting shop by shop for finding the best one. But the era of internet has made it easy for us. Many of the wedding gift providers are now providing the services online. So you are just a click away, exploring the entire range. What you need is to choose best for you!!!

On last note, what matters is the emotional feeling behind the gifts!! So turn them to be the best of memories of your wedding!! Happy shopping !!!

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