A Beginner’s Guide to Using Electric Deep Fryer

electric deep fryer

Frying is one of the most common ways of cooking in Indian homes. Almost every type of dish involves some kind of frying. Even when you are making your normal gravy dishes, the initial ingredient is fried onions and tomatoes. Therefore, having a deep fryer as a home appliance is highly beneficial. The problem arises when you are using such a device for the first time.

If you have never used an electric deep fryer before, the following guide will help you become an expert in using this incredibly versatile appliance. Here’s a beginner’s guide to using a deep fryer:

  1. Check for Any Kind of Appliance Damage:

You should never use an appliance if there are cracks or any kind of damage to it. These appliances use high voltages of electricity and any kind of breakage might cause shorting of appliance circuits and lead to disastrous effects. So, always check that the appliance doesn’t have any kind of damage for your own safety.

  1. The Supply Voltage Should Be Same as the Operating Voltage of the Device:

Although most of the electronic appliances have checks for voltage fluctuation, it is always advised to keep check the voltage before using the appliance. If the supply voltage is less than the operating voltage, the device won’t work as expected. The same goes if the supply voltage is higher than the operating voltage. You can find the operating voltage written in the user manual as well as the device box. The supply voltage can be checked on the electricity meter of your house. Use the appliance only if you are sure that the supply voltage is same as the operating voltage.

  1. Clean the Appliance Thoroughly Before Using:

Make this step a habit as it would prolong the life of your appliance. Electric deep fryers work just like any other fryer. Therefore, not cleaning them regularly would mean rust on the walls. This rust is unhealthy and unhygienic, so it is better to regularly clean them. The insides of the fryer shouldn’t be cleaned using water as the wall coating might come off. Instead, you should use a dry cloth to lightly wipe off the dirt. The outsides can be cleaned using a wet cloth, but you shouldn’t put the appliance in running water under any circumstance. Also, ensure that the appliance is completely dry before using it.

  1. Switch the Appliance on and Set the Temperature:

After cleaning, you can finally switch on the appliance. Once the appliance is on, all you need to do is set the temperature. To set the temperature, turn the temperature knob to a particular setting. You can choose temperature in the range of 100 degree Celsius – 210 degree Celsius. The power indicator of the appliance would light up. Once the temperature has been set, this power indicator gets switched off. If the temperature falls down from the set temperature, the indicator would automatically light up and ensure that the temperature stays constant. You can choose the temperature according to whatever you are cooking.

  1. Add the Ingredients and Get to Cooking:

The final step in using the electric deep fryer is adding ingredients. All you need to do is put everything in the container and the fryer would take care of the rest. Some fryers also have pre-program settings that you can use to cook common food. After a few minutes, the frying would be done. Switch the appliance off and take out the frying basket. Don’t take the entire pan out as it would still have hot oil.

Garnish the food with seasonings and serve it. Enjoy delicious fried food that your fryer just cooked with ease.

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