A Guide to a Smooth Business Relocation

A Guide to a Smooth Business Relocation

When a business has to relocate, this is usually a sign that things are on the up and up, and with the previous property outgrown, it is time to relocate to a venue that can facilitate the increased activity. This can be a major upheaval, and like any other logistical project, it needs to be very well planned, and with that in mind, here are some important things to bear in mind when relocating your business.

  • Cover the Legalities – Having found the ideal premises, it is important to have a lawyer to handle the tenancy or purchase, and with affordable commercial property solicitors in Kent, you can focus on the move itself, knowing that the legal aspect is covered. The solicitor would closely examine a tenancy agreement, for example, to ensure that the terms and conditions are fair, and with your best interest at heart, the legal expert is an essential partner to any expanding business, and is a person to keep in touch with after the relocation.
  • Sourcing a Removal Company – As soon as you are certain the move will actually happen, you need to make contact with a professional removal outfit, and your choice of removal contractor can be the difference between a smooth, incident free transition and a nightmare experience. Look for a company that is very established and has adequate resources – and experience – as this will ensure that all goes well.
  • The New Premises – Office revovation is a well established industry, and there are companies who will handle both the relocation and renovation of the new venue, which means you only have to deal with one contractor. They would have access to top quality offive furniture and equipment, and with the right design, your new business premises will be ideal for a growing organisation, and furthermore, it will be ready for occupation when the day finally arrives. The office fitout company would ensure that all utilities are hooked up in advance, including a broadband Internet connection, which you cannot be without, and with some coordination, the new place will be ready when the trucks arrive on site. 
  • Out with the Old – Relocating a business is the perfect time to rid yourself of unwanted office furniture and the likes, and by hiring a commercial skip a few weeks before the moving date, you can ask staff to put anything unwanted into the skip. If you haven’t already made the change to digital document storage, now is the ideal time to start. All you need to do is scan every document you have and then create a backup copy, and this allows you to finally get rid of those bulky and unattractive filing cabinets. With a cloud based database, all staff can access any document from their workstation, which is far more productive than walking around looking in various filing cabinets for a specific thing. Think of the paper you will save, and by being eco-friendly, your company is projecting the right image.

With all of the above in place, you can look forward to a new and positive chapter in your company’s progess, and with a little planning, the move will go without a hitch.

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