All You Need To Know About The Illustrious La Tomatina Festival

La Tomatina bistrol

You will get to know all there is to know about the famous tomato squashing La Tomatina festival. From why do people celebrate La Tomatina to how they enjoy it and the rules and regulations of the food fight.

Spain is famous for so many amazing festivals, like bull riding, international festival of music and dance, annual horror and fantasy film festival and many many more. But, La Tomatina is the most fun and famous of them all.

La Tomatina bistrol is celebrated every year in August; and people from all over the world start booking their tickets for the grand tomato smashing festival.

La Tomatina Celebration:

You should definitely attend the La Tomatina festival if you want to have the most fun time with your friends or family. There are nearly 20,000+ people who visit Spain just to attend this festival.

The tomato fight start when one person has climbed up the greasy pole and released the ham, then come tomato loaded trucks and the party begins. The fight starts exactly at 11 am and is a one hour show. You can have the best hour of your life by throwing and playing with red over ripe tomatoes.

Where do people celebrate La Tomatina:

La Tomatina is celebrated in Bunol, a small town that is 35 km from Valencia, east Spain. Bunol is a really small town so there is only one hotel to stay. Most of the tourists usually book their hotel near Bunol, so they can easily come and go from the festival.

La Tomatina is celebrated at the main street of the town Bunol; where more than 20,000 tourists and 5,000 local citizens enjoy the world’s biggest food fight.

When is La Tomatina celebrated:

The day of the celebration of throwing tomatoes is the last Wednesday of the month August every year. The main incident that is the cause of the La Tomatina festival was on the last Wednesday of August 1945.

Do you know?

  • It has now been 70 decades since the La Tomatina incident.
  • The celebration of La Tomatina got banned in the early 50’s.
  • The participants of the tomato fight should wear goggles; so the acid from the tomato don’t get in their eyes.
  • After the fight, the fire fighters come and wash down the whole street with water cannons.
  • A ham from a greasy pole must be dropped to start the La Tomatina fight.
  • After the second bell, no one can throw a single tomato.
  • The main rule of La Tomatina is to squash the tomato before throwing so you don’t any one.
  • La Tomatina is also famous as the battle of sexes- because women and men usually separate during the messy fight.
  • Spain La Tomatina festival 2017, had the best security system till now.

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