Six purr-fect gifts for cat lovers

Si x purr-fect gifts for cat lovers

Cats intrigue many people with their curious and cunning ways. They have become one of the most popular pets for animal lovers and offer companionship. Pet owners love their cats, so what better way to show them you care than by giving them the purr-fect gift? Here are some purr-fect gifts for every cat lover. Image Credit G-Paws GPS Recorder Cats like to wander, which can be a worrying experience for their owners. The G-Paws recorder attaches to the cat’s collar and sends data every few seconds, which means owners…

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What makes Emperor Penguins the Kings of Surviving the Antarctic?

Emperor Penguins the Kings of Surviving the Antarctic

The Emperor Penguin is the only animal to stay on the Antarctic mainland all year round. When the temperatures plummet during the long dark cold summer, the other animals flee and head for warmer climes. Human beings have lost their lives in the extreme conditions in Antarctica, and penguins do not have access to an online survival store like AngoForro! So, what is it that sets the Emperors apart from the rest and enables them to endure the harshest weather on the planet? One of the most important survival tools…

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