Diploma Courses in Delhi University: A Complete Guide for 2017

University Diploma

The university degree (DU) is a certification created and authorized by a university. It sanctions a specific training course, created to meet local or regional needs not covered by the national diplomas. It does not fit into the LMD system. General informations A university degree (DU) in France is a university-specific diploma, in contrast to the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees, which are national diplomas, ie “state diplomas”. A university organizes, as it wishes, this type of diploma: method of access, duration of preparation, evaluation. A DU is by definition…

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University Degrees: How Does It Work

University Degrees:

Here are some explanations that will help you to see a little clearer in particular for your training after the ba c . => The General Trades • First cycle: License The license cycle is divided into three years of study (L1, L2, L3). Once the tray is in your pocket, you can enter the first year. To obtain the license, 180 credits must be obtained during these six semesters of studies. These credits are a unit of value common to all European countries applying the LMD , which allows…

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Universty National Diplomas

National Diplomas

In addition to the national diplomas, the Paris-Sud University issues its own diplomas.These university degrees (DUs) can be shared with one or more institutions. This is called an inter-university diploma (IUD). They can be offered in initial (FI) or continuing education (CF) training. Inter-Components University Diploma in International Technological Studies (DUETI) 3 IUT OF of Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship (OF 3 E) OF Training to designing personal and applying experimental procedures and animal experimentation projects THE French Foreign Language and specialties ( Level Degree) 3 IUT DU METHODS et Organization (DUMO…

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