Benefits of filing ITR on time

income tax efiling

The Income Tax Department has made income tax efiling simpler as tax-paying individuals can make use of the Sahaj (ITR-1) form to file their returns. However, many people end up waiting until the eleventh hour to file their taxes online, and this can stress them out. Check out why filing returns on time is beneficial: 1. Say Goodbye to Fines and Penalties You will end up paying one per cent penalty for each month you delay filing the returns. Also, if your returns are more than INR 3,000/- you risk…

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Helpful Tips to Choose Small and Midcap Funds

Small and Midcap Funds

Undeniably, Small and Midcap Funds have been performing well than many other types of funds. And, irrespective of the changes in the market, this trend is not expected to change anytime sooner. So, if you are thinking to invest in these funds, there are some things that you must consider. Small-cap funds are the stocks that lie at the bottom of market valuation. On the contrary, Mid- caps are the stocks that come between small and large-cap funds. While these two are one of the prominent funds that offer good…

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Principles Of Finance/What Is Finance?

What is finance?

Finance consists of analyzing in financial terms, ie, $, all important decisions that occur in organizations or in society in general, with the aim of ensuring optimal use of resources and improving Thus the well-being of everyone. Finance is the basis and articulation of the capitalist system, as it ensures that all decisions create value and generate wealth. Therefore, finance must enable all individuals to attain a higher standard of living. In an economy characterized by freedom of choice, organizations and people can exercise their decision-making power, that is, they have…

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Branches of Finance: Introduction

Branches of Finance:

The funding covers an area of activity (financing) of providing money to achieve economic operation. Finance has now taken on enormous importance in the functioning of the economy and financial crises have serious consequences for global growth and unemployment. In the second half of the XX th century, we have seen develop an increasing financialisation of the economy with its internationalization and reduced public controls. In 2008 in the United States, financial players caused very large losses to large banks with the subprime mortgage crisis . Summary  [ Hide ]  1The different aspects of finance 2Financing 3Financial Markets 4Financial System 5Financial…

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