How to Improve the Appearance of Your Home in 5 Jobs

 How to paint your patio

Want to restore your home? Do you think it looks bad? describes the different types of work you can do to restore your home. Your home is undoubtedly one of the biggest investments you have made in your life. It is therefore necessary to take care of them and to carry out renovations from time to time. Here are 5 jobs that will improve the look of your home 1) Painting One of the most obvious and simple solutions to achieve is to repaint the exterior of your home. Bringing this refreshing touch…

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Improve The Soundproofing Of Your Home Or Apartment

Using an acoustician for optimal soundproofing

To improve the soundproofing, first determine what the noise is. To know how to sound your room, it is important first to determine the source of the noise that disturbs you. There are three types of noise : •  Airborne noises (or noises moving in the air) eg television, radio, voices •  Impact noise (or noises emitted during a contact ) •  Urban and rural noises (or external noises whose vibrations are transmitted through the walls) eg a train, a tramway, a busy road. These three types of sounds are very different and can be annoying depending, in…

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This Small Google Housing Can Improve Wi-Fi At Home

Google housing can improve Wi-Fi at home

TEST – The US giant is launching a wireless terminal intended to speed up connections and solve interference problems. We tested it in preview. Saturated traffic, unstable connection, insufficient throughput, blocked connection by walls … As more and more mobile devices are used at home, smartphones and tablets in the head, and the connected objects are inviting gradually at home, The Wi-Fi network created by the domestic box often has a hard time showing up. It is to resolve these problems that Google has decided to intervene. Its weapon: a Wi-Fi terminal characterized…

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