Are you flying from Bangalore to Dubai? Use these expert tips from Frugal Travellers, to land the best Deal!


Planning a vacation to the shopping capital of the world from Bangalore? Check out these top 5 tips to land the best deals on your flight tickets to Dubai. Back in the early, dark ages of air travel, people flying out of Bangalore to Dubai didn’t have much of a choice when it came to choosing the airline or the fares they paid for the tickets. They had to ring up their travel agent and shell out the required amount. But, enter the era of online booking and myriad travel…

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Best Cities to Visit for Finding Indonesia Shadow Puppet

Indonesia shadow puppet

Shadow puppet is something that you can say as the culture of the Indonesian people. That is because you can rarely find this kind of puppet show unless in Indonesia. Because of that reason, the Indonesia shadow puppet is famous enough to attract a lot of attention from many people around the world. If you are also interested in finding the best shadow puppet shows that you can find in Indonesia, you will need to simply visit some of these cities in Indonesia since all of these cities are considerably…

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Hotel Travelodge London Central City Road Hotel

Hotel Travelodge London Central City

The destination The best sights  Located in southeastern Great Britain, London is the largest city in the United Kingdom. This destination is unique with its sights, such as the Buckingham Palace.It is the most prestigious royal palace of the city, it is adorned with magnificent gardens. The Kensington Palace is the former residence of Princess Diana. The Tower of London is composed of a castle, a tower, a scaffold, a prison and a building, and contains the prodigious jewel of the crown. The London capital will unveil its cultural richness through the Tate Modern, a museum…

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