Concrete Basement Stairs Renovation Project

Concrete Basement Stairs Renovation Project

Сoncrete stair construction is solid enough to last many years with little to no maintenance. For a workshop or a project area you may prefer pouring cement basement floor with high-gloss finishes that are also becoming popular in modern floor renovation. They are easy to clean and very budget-friendly. You can either build concrete stairs from scratch or buy precast ones.

Planning your basement stairs renovation project, you should consider not only the style, technical issues like run and rise, building codes and design, but the condition of your basement floor as well.

The appropriate basement subfloor installation is a key for the long-term lifespan of your entire floor renovation. It helps to transform your space from a slab of concrete into something more attractive and decorative.Before pouring cement floor or laying a single plank, make sure your subfloor is appropriate to provide your excellent new flooring and basement stairs renovation.

Standard requirements for  basement subfloor installation:

  • Flatsurface

Acceptable biggest difference between two adjacent high points is 3/16 of an inch.

  • Absenceofslopes

The slope must be fixed if it is larger than an inch per six feet.

–       Cleansurface

Before beginning any type renovation, always clean and dry your subfloor.

–       Rightchoiceofmaterial

The ideal subfloors are made of wood and concrete. It is acceptable to refinish your concrete floor, but always check prior to installation if the material is suitable for your basement subfloor installation.

During your installation both subfloors and underlayment deserve as much attention as the actual flooring itself. Keep it in mind and you will be satisfied with a perfect end-result of your basement floor.

Building your own concrete steps is a challenging and labour-intensivetask that is better to be left for professional local basement renovations or carpentry service, like House Renovations in Toronto. The experts will help you with the choice of right materials and careful planning, precise measurements necessary for a sturdy sub-base and a reinforced stair form.

However, if you choose precast concrete stairs, you can choose from many different styles, including:

1. Banking steps to make a dramatic look.

2. Bulkhead concrete stairs to create an entrance to lower levels.

3. Standard front or side entry concrete steps.

price $600 to $2,000.

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