Cool Costume Ideas for This Year’s Christmas Parties

Cool Costume Ideas for This Year's Christmas Parties

When it comes to Christmas parties there are many things to consider. One of the biggest factors is the costume –  what to wear and how to fit into the theme.

Not only do you have to get a costume that is appropriate and practical (you’re in it all night, remember) but you’ll also want one that is instantly recognisable. Here we look at some cool costume ideas for the Christmas party. Read on to find inspiration and be prepared for a great time.


Let the season be the first source of inspiration. Why not have a Christmas themed fancy dress, where people have the choice of Mr& Mrs Claus, elves or reindeer? Add to the theme by having lifesize cardboard cutouts of snowmen, Santa, or even Elf! These props can then be used to take fantastic group photos or selfies at throughout the evening.

Reverse Christmas

Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate other seasons. Why not have a summer theme to take a mental break from the winter cold and ice? Though your guests may not thank you as they make their way through chilly weather in their flipflops and aloha shirts, it is warm and sunny somewhere at Christmas and summer is always fun.


Everyone loves the movies and the chance to experience a different world or time. A Hollywood them would provide unlimited opportunitiesfor a variety of costumes. You could also pick a specific movie or genre or assign different movies to different groups of people. There are countless options from westerns, gangster movies, to science fiction. Recent movie releases in the Thor and Star Wars series are other ideas for creativity. Set the tone for your theme by filling the venue withlifesize cardboard cutouts from the movies.


You can celebrate every era of music at the tables around the venue. You can delegate decades to each group and, if you worry about transparency, do it by drawing prior to the party invites being sent out

You could have a table of crooners, say with a lifesize cardboard cutouts of Frank Sinatra or a rock and roll table with Elvis, etc. Like films, music is a wide subject matter providing many opportunities for your guests to get creative.


They say that we look like our pets so you could have costumes based on our furry friends, even if they aren’t present. This may be a little out of leftfield for some and remember to provide alternatives for people who don’t have any pets.

Back to School

We all went to high school, even if we’ve long outgrown our clothes from that era. This theme is certainly easier to accommodate for most people, but the more outgoing may take the idea further and create a costume from a school they didn’t attend, such as Eton, St Trinian’s or even Hogwarts!!

Cool Christmas costumes have to give that sudden impact and instant recognition. If you have to explain who you are, you can spend the evening frustrated. On the other hand, you might enjoy creating a sense of mystery. Keep this in mind when planning your Christmas costume. Whilst you’ll have to stick to the theme, you can be as crazy or as reserved as you like. Hopefully these tips will help you decide a great theme, and a cool costume to match.

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