Coworking in the Clouds – Why The World Trade Center Will Take Your Business To New Heights

Coworking in the Clouds - Why The World Trade Center Will Take Your Business To New Heights

The World Trade, at its highest, is more than 500 metres. One can stand on its highest floor and touch a cloud on any given day. The building, which stands just over one hundred floors, is one of the tallest in the Western hemisphere. Even from its midpoint, the impressive Sky Lobby gives businesses panoramic views of New York City.

More than just being an affluent part of the well-known financial district, the building can literally take your business to new heights. The structure itself is made of sustainable materials that help the building conserve energy. More importantly, though, the structure is home to major players in finance, namely the New York Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Leasing space in this world-renowned building, however, will cost a lot of money, except if you are coworking.

Let’s see how coworking in one of New York City’s most famous buildings can take your business to new heights.

Trading Up    

The boroughs that make up this city are comprised of various attitudes and cultures of the people and professionals who comprise this space. For this reason, a coworking space in Brooklyn is going to be very different from one occupying space in the financial district. The World Trade Center, more specifically, is fitted out with office space that is representative of the corporate climate. Offices are furnished with the finest in office décor, the buildings are immaculately and routinely cleaned, and support staff are professional, courteous, and more importantly, business-like. Take a look at the World Trade Center to see what it might be like to work in such a prestigious office by clicking onto the following link

For a business who needs access to resources and the people who make up the FiDi, the building is a great place to work. Within the coworking space and in the after-hours lounges, business and pleasure can make for some of the best collaborations. The best part is that businesses benefit from a platform that provides them high visibility in a place that speaks to finance and industry without the high cost.

World-Class Office Affluence

Even though the coworking space is known for its comfortable surroundings and community, it is also known for providing businesses with the office support needed to function in a corporate environment. Receptionists that are in some cases bilingual and IT support staff are a part of the line-up that can really round out your office. For one, it makes for not having to worry about hiring staff to support on office, and two, it gives your business professional polish.

Coworking Internationale

Coworking through an international leasing company gives you access to buildings in other global locations. When leasing through a larger serviced office provider with offices around the world, members are given vouchers that they can use to access space in other locations. Whether you need access to private office space or access to conference rooms, your office space needs can be met through simply belonging to the right serviced office provider. The coworking space with a larger outfit gives you access to the types of facilities and people that can really provide a platform for making business connections and collaboration.

Reaching New Heights

The coworking space in the World Trade Center is one of the most prestigious places to work. It not only exposes you and your business to an impressive group of talented individuals from various industries, but it also gives you a platform for raising your business’s visibility. All of this, more importantly, can be done at a fraction of the expense it would cost to lease conventional office space in the same building.

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