Custom Cut Metal Shapes And Their Usages

Custom Cut Metal Shapes And Their Usages

Custom sheet metal fabrication is very crucial when you are looking for custom products as per your home improvements or DIY projects. You can choose a sheet metal fabricator on the internet and they will give the metal fabrication services based on your requirements. There are many shapes you can get by cutting, welding and bending the metal. Here, we will discuss some of these shapes and their usages for residential and industrial purposes.

The Rectangle/ The Square

The rectangle is a widely used metal shapes, especially for architectural and structural home improvement products. A rectangle has four flat sides and every angle is 90 degrees. The square is similar to rectangle except that all sides have the same length. Surfaces made from cheap stainless steel sheets are often used in home appliances like washing machines, ovens, refrigerators and chest freezers due to its versatility and strength or just because stainless steel looks great. When it comes to industrial applications, they are used in relays, printers, electronic fuel injectors, valves and many more.

The Circle:

A circle shaped metal also has many applications. The distance between the center and the edge is always the same. Fabricators ask for either a diameter or a radius to determine and cut the shape of a circle. Some of the applications of the circle shaped metals are handbag locks, teapoys, some kitchen utensils, hand accessories and many more.

The Isosceles Triangle:

A Isosceles triangle is described as a triangle where at least 2 sides and 2 angles are equal. You need to provide the length of side A or side B(both have equal length) and the length of side C.

Right Triangle:

A right triangle has one right angle of 90° and two equal angles of 45° each. A metal fabrication service provider will ask for the length of side A and B. These right triangle stainless steel metal shapes are used in steel mosaic tiles flooring and other home decorative items. A right triangle fits i.e. perfectly in a corner of a room either on the floor or as a shelf.

U-Channel J-Channel:

It is a type of metal form that looks like an alphabet U. It is a kind of metal rail and it is made from a rectangle metal and two sides are bent to form a U shape. You can build your custom U shape that you are looking for by providing the length of side A, side B and side C. Since you can determine which length each side has you can also configure a so called “J” shape. Metal U-Chanels made out of aluminum or stainless steel is used mostly in different architectural applications like window glass frames, cladding, railings, holders, and inserts.

Tray/ Box:

Fabricating a metal tray or box out of sheet metal is at minimum a 2-step process. First you laser cut the tray including the later upward sides out of a larger piece of sheet metal, before you then bend the side of the tray in a 90 degree angle to form a box. Need the box to be water tight? If yes, a 3rd step is necessary to close those corners. The corners need to be welded and cleaned. There are many areas where you can use a custom metal tray for, to cover something, to store something or to actually carry around soemthing.

Hat Channel:

The Hat Channel is similar to the U Channel with two outward flanges on each side. It gives a feel of a top hat and to fabricate it, you need to give 5 measures as per your custom requirements. It is mostly used in construction and engineering. Also, you might have seen a Hat Channel in the home or office furniture and in resilient isolation systems for soundproofing.

Z Channel:

It is a metal shaped like the letter “Z” with two 90 degree angles. The Z channel is also known as Z-Bar and Zee. It is used in a wide range of industries and applications like metal buildings, tool boxes, metal furniture, enclosures, window frames, displays and store fixtures, garage doors, PVC doors and many others.

Wrapping Up:

Apart from the above mentioned shapes, fabricators also offer other shapes which can be configured online too meet your custom requirements. Choose a fabricator like that offers high quality sheet metal fabrication services for custom home improvement and DIY projects.

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