Does Silver Jewelry Make More Sense When Starting a Thai Jewelry Business?

Does Silver Jewelry Make More Sense When Starting a Thai Jewelry Business

Gold and platinum are significantly more expensive than sterling silver, therefore, they do enjoy a higher rank in terms of being premium everywhere in the world, but does it make more sense from a business point of view to sell silver jewelry in Thailand? The answer would be a yes and the reasons are actually quite understandable, as you will find out next.

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Tourists are Looking for Sterling Silver Jewelry

Thailand has a history of preferring gold in color and metal over everything else, of which, some of their golden temples and the golden Buddha idol still stand as proof. But you have to understand that those are icons of a time long gone. Today, the primary consumers of almost all businesses in Thailand are international tourists and tourism is the country’s economic backbone.

Therefore, the fact that the average tourist would prefer to spend a little less money on buying jewelry from a shop in Bangkok, makes sense to them. Even if you are a fairly established name in the Thai jewelry business, the chances are pretty high that most of them have never heard of your company in their own country, so sterling silver jewelry will almost always sell better due to the significantly lower price range.

The Lower Cost of Sterling Silver Jewelry Makes It Affordable for new Businesses Too

To order wholesale sterling silver jewelry Thailand at bulk rates, just head on over to Karen Silver Design and you will have the guarantee of quality at excellent wholesale prices. This easy availability of authentic wholesale silver jewelry in Thailand, coupled with the fact that they cost a lot less than similar pieces made in gold or platinum, just makes the metal a more affordable choice for even new businesses. You don’t need to have a wide collection of gold and platinum jewelry when silver jewelry is the most popular item in the country!

Ethnic Thai Jewelry is Now Made Primarily in Silver

There is another reason why tourists prefer to buy silver pieces in Thailand, and that is the fact that Northern Thailand is internationally famous for creating exquisite, ethnic silver jewelry. Thai silver jewelry has unique designs and details that have mixed influences of Buddhism and Hinduism, alongside ancient tribal influences. The influence of Hinduism and Buddhism is actually quite significant in all forms of Thai art and not just in jewelry.

Make no mistake, just because there is more sense in selling silver jewelry, it doesn’t mean that your business in Thailand will have to exclusively deal in silver pieces either. Nevertheless, you will probably find that jewelry made with sterling silver sells easier and may actually turn out to be more profitable than gold or platinum in the long run. When something sells easily, costs less to buy wholesale, and has a wider range of target audience, it is hard to deny the product’s superiority in terms of business profitability.

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