Drinks to Stock your Home Bar

Drinks to Stock your Home Bar

Why stop the party when you leave the bar? Keep it going by designing a stylish drinks bar for your home. Once you have got the bar of your dreams, it will be time to stock it with the perfect beverages. Spirits like vodka, gin, and rum can be kept out of the cold area of the bar along with most red wines, and perhaps displayed in an attractive cabinet nearby, along with the cocktail shaker and your cups and glasses. However, other beverages are best kept in the cold environment of the bar. This guide gives you the five drinks that you ought to include in any home bar. For more inspiration for your own homebar, visit dawnvale.co.uk

  1. A range of soft drinks

Orange, cranberry, and tomato juice and other soft drinks can be used as mixers in so many cocktails. They are also a welcome beverage to offer anyone visiting your home who prefers not to drink alcohol.

  1. Something fizzy

Prosecco, sparkling wine, or Moet – whatever takes your fancy. It is crucial to have a bottle or two of something special in the home bar so that you can do justice to special occasions even if they arise at a moment’s notice (impromptu engagement announcements, for example).

  1. A good selection of beers

Buy a six pack or two from a reliable brand and mix things up with a few craft beers for the connoisseurs. Some specialty ciders also tend to go down a treat when your guests find themselves to be in need of something crisp and sweet.

  1. Some fine white wines

From sweet Vouvray to complex Picpoul de Pinet, white wines are best kept in the fridge. If your wine is secured with a cork rather than a screw top, then make sure that the bottle is kept horizontally and angled downwards slightly. This helps to keep the cork wet and stops it crumbling into the wine or shrinking and allowing gases to spoil the flavour of that cherished vintage.

  1. Your own favourite tipple

Everyone has a particular drink that they adore. Reserve a space in your home bar for keeping this special tipple so that you can have a sip or a swig from it whenever you desire. It doesn’t matter if it is a can of Coke or the finest hundred year old champagne you can find – this is your home bar, so keep a space in it just for you.

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