Drive safely at the E11 for a long drive on the Shaikh Zayed Road Dubai.

Drive safely at the E11 for a long drive on the Shaikh Zayed Road Dubai.

Sheikh Zayed is the longest road in UAE, from Abu Dhabi to the Ras Al Khaimah ranges, this road provides the passengers an entertaining sense of the surroundings along with the beauty of the UAE throughout the way to their destination. We need to be aware that every city has its own different speed limit rules. So, be careful and always follow the rules to avoid penalty. Travelers from different parts of Bay have to pay fines and toll charges when they cross the UAE border to the other regions. So, all you need to learn and follow the rules of various states lies under the UAE. If you are a tourist then you need to rely on the person to whom you trust because the possibility is, you don’t know the rules as well as language. In such a case, you need to hire transport by renting a car in Dubai from any car rental Dubai’s company provide you cars on rent. You can believe their services because of their paperwork procedure (kind of contract) between you and them. Even they provide chauffeur along with cars.

A cold night all alone with a guidance on E11 road Dubai

The E11 in Dubai is a road where you drive the whole night to witness the beauty of the lights in the country. It seems like another world of bright-lights has flooded over the road. A wow spirit of vehicles’ light seems like everybody has kept candle with yellow and red lit ups and running on the road. You will never miss this chance because it is said that Dubai never sleeps at night and yes, it is the truth to some extent. A glittery limelight flowed throughout the whole night. Even towers and buildings blow with multi lights. So, wandering on roads especially on E11 with fasterfine speed is an amazing experience you will ever have but with a guidance i.e. may be a GPS facility in cars or professional drivers by any Rent a Car Dubai companies.

Some amazing facts about the E11 road you are not known with

  • “The E11 is a noteworthy and countenance remark of the evolution in the UAE,” said by Iraqi Canadian to BBC live.
  • It covers seven states of United Arab Emirates i.e. Sharjah, Al-Ain, Fujairah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain and ends in Ras Al-Khaimah.
  • At the time of the construction of the road E11, almost 60000 labors work for day and night for 7 years until it completes and it was opened 1996.

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