Everything You Need to know About Netballs

Everything you need to know about netballs

If you are looking to buy a netball, there are a number of points you need to be aware of and factors you should consider. From the material to the colour and whether it designed for indoor or outdoor use – not forgetting the size, grip and weight – every aspect of the ball is important. Read on to find out more about buying netballs.

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Material and grip

Netballs usually have a rubber surface created with embossing to help with grip. Many also have a natural rubber and synthetic compound exterior to give good control on all surfaces. Other balls have a durable wave emboss for high-quality grip.
The best thing is to try holding and throwing the ball to see how it handles. Air retention bladders can have a good effect on the performance of the netball. A pure rubber bladder will not perform as well or have as good durability.
Famous brands
There are many different brands, with a few stand-out brands that offer the best quality; however, if you are an expert player and know what to look for, you can seek out some great bargains from lesser-known brands that can be just as good as more famous ones. Popular netball brands include Mitre, Gilbert, Sure Shot, Lusum and Molten.

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The size of the netball is determined by its intended use. Size 5 is the regular size for official matches and for training purposes and recreational games. These balls weigh 14 to 16 ounces. Young players, usually under the age of 10, often use size 4 netballs for practice sessions and casual games.
Training balls
Training balls are usually a lower grade than match balls. The best quality match balls are used in competitions, such as the Netball Europe Open Championships. While match balls offer the highest quality performance, grip and shape retention, training balls can be lower quality and cheaper.

For training, it is a great idea to use a netball drill training video from a site such as https://www.sportplan.net. The training videos can include drills for shooting, passing, intercepting, defensive and attacking play, and movement and positioning.

The price of netballs depends on the quality and intention of the ball. A high-quality match ball can cost around £30, middle-range balls can cost £15, and a training ball can cost as little as £7.

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