Finding the right career in technology

Finding the right career in technology

From the ever-present demand for software developers to the world of artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge sub-sectors, the technology industry is full of opportunities. If you’re looking in from the outside or you’re a current tech worker thinking about making a career switchit can all seem somewhat daunting. But help is at hand. Here are some of the well-known – and less well-known – technology careers available to those who want to break into or move around the sector.

IT technician

As an IT technician, your job will be to help make sure that the tech equipment in a given setting is well maintained and promptly fixed in the event of any problems. However, this sort of role is often about much more than sorting out hardware issues. Firstly, it’s about ensuring that the networks on which your institution relies – such as local Intranets – are maintained properly, and that requires skills and expertise. What’s more, an IT technician position also requires people skills, and you’ll need to be able to have empathy and work well with others in order to achieve your goals.

Coders and developers

Working as a coder or developer can be an exciting experience. From apps to websites, there is a whole range of project choice available to pick from. What’s more, the skill set you possess is in high demand – which means that salaries are often relatively high. It’s also possible to teach yourself many of the major coding languages out there, so if you’re a self-starter then this may be the technology career option for you.

At first glance, however, one of the downsides of working as a coder or developer is that many jobs are contract-based rather than permanent, and as a result you will often be asked to work as a self-employed freelancer rather than an employee. Contractor pay can then become an issue, especially when it comes to filing a tax return. By working with an umbrella company, however, you can outsource tasks like this in an entirely legitimate and legal way and get on with working on your job.

Ethical hacker

When people hear the word “hacker”, they often think of those with malicious intent. But the rise of ethical hackers shows that you don’t have to be unscrupulous to take a hacker’s perspective. If you’re good at coding and want to make a positive difference, this role allows you to analyze where in a company’s network or tech infrastructure its weaknesses lie, and then show how they can be fixed to prevent exploitation.

From working as a technician to developing useful and popular pieces of software, it’s clear that there’s a lot of choice out there when it comes to careers in technology. No matter what your current skill set might be, there’ll always be a way you can break into this industry through training and education. And by researching all of the options available to you before plunging into the sector, you’ll also be able to put your mind at ease and navigate some of the tricky aspects of the tech world, like contracts and pay.

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