Four Reasons Why you should keep a Diary

Four Reasons Why you should keep a Diary

In the age of technology, do you still need a diary? The answer is yes. While you can “keep a diary” online through a blog or even social media, having a physical, handwritten copy of your memories, notes, goals and plans still bring about a different feeling. The diaries you accumulate over the years will feel like treasures that you can flip through to remember the life you’ve had years before. To convince you further, here are four reasons to keep a diary:

  1. A diary allows you to keep your brightest memories.

No matter how smart or intelligent you are, there comes a day when you forgot a memory that made you extremely happy or that had taught you a very important life lesson. We all forget sometimes; the memories we have made over the years slowly fade away, so our brains can make room for more. (Imagine a phone that needs to delete files so that you can save new ones.) With a diary, you are able to keep these memories in a written format so that even though you forget some of them, you have a way to come back to them when you read your diaries from the past. It’s like a time capsule or a museum of your memories.

  1. A diary gives you room to set goals.

One of the best uses of a diary is to write letters to your future self. What things do you want to accomplish in the future? Tell your future self that in a letter or two. This sets a great reminder of where you are right now, what you’ll go through to achieve your goals, and the way you persevered to make your dreams come true. When you a reach a point of success that you’ve been dreaming about for a long time, your diary will remind you where you came from so that you don’t lose your way.

  1. A diary helps you remain organized.

The great thing about the Executive 2018 Pocket Diaryfrom The Works is that it helps you remain organised. It has assortedpages including week to view, international dialling, address book, notable dates and of course a year planner. With this diary, you are able to jot down notes and reminders to help you stay organised. You can also make to-do lists so you have an overview of your tasks for the day. When you’re able to organise your day-to-day activities, you become more efficient with your time and energy.

  1. A diary lets you vent.

Did you have a hard day at work? Did you fight with your significant other? Do you feel sad and anxious for no apparent reason? You can tell your diary all about your day and vent any negative feelings that you may have felt. This helps you process the day you’ve had so you can let go of the negativity and face the following day with renewed energy and positivity.

So, these are just some of the reasons why you should keep a diary. Aside from these, a diary can also be a creative outlet for your doodles and drawings. Even if you purchase a diary that other people have, you can still put your own unique spin to it.

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