Grid Girls Return at Monaco but Alongside Grid Guys and Kids

Grid Girls Return at Monaco but Alongside Grid Guys and Kids

All eyes are normally on the start at any grand prix, but the Monaco event meant that the focus was on the pre-race preliminaries.

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This was because in January the new owners of F1 rights, Liberty Media, announced that grid girls would no longer form a part of the opening ceremonies. The company said the practice did not fit with a new world order in the wake of the #MeToo campaign movement against sexual harassment launched in 2017, which developed after the allegations against film producer Harvey Weinstein, who was arraigned in the US in May.

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This meant that the women did not appear in the first five races of the season.

The Automobile Club of Monaco said there had been no conflict with Liberty Media over the plan to re-introduce them.

Fans who took advantage of tickets from F1 Paddock Club available from had a close-up view.

The new look grid meant that the grid girls appeared alongside grid boys but did not hold the race starters numbers. Instead, that honour went to the grid kids recruited from motor racing clubs, who have been doing the job since the start of the season. Some see this gender-neutral solution as very F1.

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Japanese model and singer Rosa Ogawa is widely credited by being the first grid girl at the Japanese Grand Prix in the 1960s. She advertised brands keen to cash in on the increasing popularity of the sport. The US picked up on the concept, and before long the glamorous models were appearing worldwide and F1 events.


The decision to remove the grid girls has split the drivers. Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel insisted the girls were a much-loved part of the support. Meanwhile, Haas driver Romain Grosjean said he thought their removal was a good thing for women in the 21st century.

The return of the grid girls alongside their male counterparts is thought to be influenced by major sponsor Tag Heuer, as they were representing the company. Tag Heuer is a Swiss luxury manufacturing company that designs and manufactures watches and other goods under licence.

Organisers of the Russian Grand Prix have indicated they are likely to allow grid girls at their event in September. Presumably grid boys will appear alongside them.

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