Harley Reagan– How Plants Can Improve The Value of Your Life!

Harley Reagan– How Plants Can Improve The Value of Your Life!

Human beings are usually under the misconception that they are only living organisms on earth that have consciousness. They seem to forget the all forms of life on this planet has some form of consciousness even if it takes thousands of years for them to experience it. Even plants are not an exception to this rule. In fact, you may not realize the rocks you sit on to rest while on a trek, the grass you feel beneath the soles of your feet and landscape you see on the horizons have some sort of feelings. Even if you do consider such feelings to be primitive.

Harley Reagan – Importance of plants in the spiritual world

Harley Reagan was the founder of The Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society, a spiritual group that helps people from diverse background find inner peace in their lives through healing. This spiritual leader taught his followers that plants are sensitive to their surroundings. They behave in the same manner as other animals and human beings who have made Godmother Earth their home. In fact, you start to notice the awareness of these living organisms when the rays of the Sun fall on them. Like humans, proper care, love and nurture encourages plants to flourish. On the other hand, when you treat these living organisms harshly, it affects their growth pattern and will to survive

Relationship between human beings and plants

In many religions throughout the world, the intimate relationship between plants and human beings has always been harmonious. In fact, in many the holy scriptures say the existence of plants provides human beings with necessary food, clothes to wear, shelter and medicine. This is the reason why in many parts of the world, the end of the harvest season is usually a period of celebration. In fact, many people practicing such faiths go to the extent of worshipping certain species of plant life.  They believe that way human beings respect plant life while interacting with it can make a difference to the kind of food it produces for human consumption.

The members of this popular spiritual group say there are many people on this planet who refuse to consume meat. They regard the slaughter of an animal is like killing life itself. However, these members urge that when you eat plants, you are doing the same thing. They say whenever you sit down to eat your food, you should take a moment to reflect on the items on your plate. You need to remember that each of the animal and plants once had life in them. You should be thankful that they have died to nourish your body and soul.

Harley Reagan and the members of his spiritual group explain that human beings are responsible for disrupting the life of plants on this planet through their greed. However, they say it is possible for them to restore this balance by paying attention to the needs of plants rather treating them as objects. This goes a long way in creating a hospitable home for all forms of life on this planet.

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