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Hobie sunglasses are synonymous with outdoor fun. We got our hands, and eyes, on a pair of their La Jolla collection and already declare them a winner. This is a premium nickel silver frame face with their patented Hydroclean polarized polycarbonate lenses. The lenses are based on the technology developed many years ago by Oakley sunglasses, and before Hobie had not been matched. The Hydroclean technology is similar to the Irridium coating used by Oakley, in that it provides a polarizing refractive coating, but Hobie’s addition of a Teflon based compound now means that dirt and dust just don’t stick to the lenses. This in turn means you need to clean them less, and therefore they stay in better condition. Adjustable silicone nose pads insure the perfect fit Available in satin gold, satin gunmetal or satin black.

Driving to Ohio from Salt Lake City, we had ample opportunity to give them a true road test. I love a good polarized set of lenses and these did the job admirably. I also liked the contrast it provided while keeping the colours very natural, and of course they offer 100% protection against the damaging effects of UV on your eyes.

Most people equate Hobie with surfing and they are certainly well known in those circles. But, Hobie offers so much more for the outdoor enthusiast. Their kayaks are legendary, whether for sailing or for fishing, and the patented Miragedrive is an absolute genius idea. They now also offer a full line of stand up paddleboards for racing and recreation, as well as speakers, tanks, crates and bags. Be sure to check out their whole line of clothes and more – there are some fantastic products!

The new range of Hobie sunglasses was one of the products we featured during the 2017 Outdoor Retailers Show earlier this year, and we wanted to double back and present those items that actually turned out to be as good as we thought they would be. Now that they’ve stood up during our road trips, we can recommend them unequivocally. Whether you’re fishing, surfing, sailing, kayaking or whatever else on the water, Hobie has you covered with both gear and now eyewear!

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