How can IVF process help?

How can IVF process help

It is said, that IVF treatment caters different problems of infertility. It also addresses the various causes of a man or a woman being infertile. If a woman has damage in their fallopian tubes or a blockage, then they have a very low chance to conceive a baby. Then they need a help like fertility treatments and IVF can help them to solve their issues and overcome their problems. On the other hand, if a man has a very low sperm count or they have an issue regarding the sperm motility, then they face a lot of problems in fertilizing the eggs if their spouses or partners. So, in that case, the fertilization of the eggs happen outside the body and it is done with the help of IVF treatments. Here the need of a male sperm is being bypassed and then the reproductive system of a woman is navigated.

We already know that all women are capable of producing eggs. But are all of them capable of donating the same? Well, the answer to that is a no. Eggs which are needed to be transplanted have to come from a very healthy ovary and then they are donated to a woman who is having the problem of becoming pregnant. Now, these eggs mainly come from the reputed fertility centres. These centres always check women before taking their eggs. The prefer women who are kostly within the age group of 21 and 35. They have the perfect quality of fertilisable eggs that can be donated.

The IVF centres go through a proper egg donor screening before finalising someone. They check whether the woman has any kind of fertility problems or not. They do all the possible blood tests and other possible health tests like ultrasound of reproductive organs, infectious disease screening and psychological screening to be sure about their choice. Evaluating the mental health of the donor is also very important because this also ensures the mental health condition of the resulting child.

The question may arise that when can a couple become a parent with the help of IVF process? Well this is a very secretive process that only remains confined to the mother, father and also the surrogate if the couple prefers that someone else should carry their child in the womb. There are many women who are physically unable to carry a child or there are same sex male couples who cannot carry a child in their womb. In these cases, surrogates can be a saviour.

If a child is born out of a proper genetic screening, there are high chances that they will be born as a healthy baby. There are certain procedures by which one can ensure that the foetuses which are used during the IVF are free of known genetic markers. So they can be freed from the genetic diseases that are carried by their parents.

The best IVF centres in Delhi keep every aspect in mind when they cater an egg and a sperm donation process.

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