How does one go About Locating a Good English Tutor?

one go About Locating a Good English Tutor

Having to learn every one of the rules and regulations of the English language can be a little intimidating and is not always easy, and especially if it’s the case where a child or adult’s natural leanings are towards the study of math or science.

Parents or cases of returning adult students may find themselves requiring the skilled abilities of a good English tutor to provide some valuable insight and encouragement. But, how does one go about finding such a qualified English tutor? And to think that one is possible only a simple phone call or email away, or right in a student’s own neighbourhood! English tutors are found working independently or for a reputable learning centre.

Various Methods

One method of finding a qualified English tutor is to try placing a classified ad in some local newspapers. In the ad itself, don’t forget to include a brief description of what the student’s grade level or course name is. If there are any type of personal preferences such as a male of female tutor, it might also be a good idea to make mention of them as well.

The type of classified ad should state something similar to “English tutor required for fifth grade child with special needs” or “English tutor needed to teach non-native speaker with only access to public transportation and at the weekend”. All ads should finish with full contact information. You may have to screen a number of applicants prior to finding one who is suitable and theperfect English tutor.

Academic Institutes May Bring Some Results

One more source for locating a good English tutor, is at the student’s school or college English department. You may be able to find an instructorwho might be willing to offer some private English tutoring to help boosthis or her income.

And even should your child’s regular teacher not have any available spare time, they just might be aware of someone who does, like a teachers’ assistant or certified substitute teachers. Places such as a college English department, may even support a campus tutoring course for math and English students. There are a number of colleges that have a list of peer-to-peer tutors who are available off-campus.

Now gaining in Popularity

There are in Australia, professional learning centres which happen to specialise in matching up a qualified English tutor with the right kind of student. Such a service is these days affordable, and they can provide skilled intensive one-on-one learning for students who may be facing the possibility of having to repeat a grade.

It has been known for some churches to provide tutoring services as part of an after-school ministerial programme. Those adult students out there just may be able to find a qualified English tutor by making contact with an adult literacy organisation.

By spending a little time online and using the search engine, you should be able to find something which is perfectly suitable for all of your needs.

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