How Much Does a Campervan Conversion Cost?

How Much Does a Campervan Conversion Cost

In short, converting a van into a campervan or renovating an old model into one that’s usable again can cost anywhere from a couple of hundred pounds to well into the thousands. It mostly depends on the starting state of the van you’re looking to convert, how much work you need (and want) to do and what your budget is. There will be some areas you can cut back on if necessary, while others may require investing a set amount no matter what. These are the main factors to add up when working out how much your campervan conversion will cost.

The Actual Van

If you’ve already got an old van you want to convert, then this can cost nothing at all. On the other hand, finding a campervan that requires as little renovation as possible is likely to set you back a few thousand at least. Looking online for any bargains should be your first step, as there are plenty of second-hand vans that can be converted easily enough as long as they’re roadworthy. It might need a lick of paint, new engine parts, wheels and more though, so be sure to account for such costs.

Fresh Seats

Considering you and any passengers will spend a long time sat down, don’t scrimp on the seats. Seat systems can cost around £4,000 for a professional look and feel but will be worth it on those long road trips. Alternatively, you may be able to source some second-hand ones and fit them yourself, just expect comfort levels to be greatly diminished.


You need working electrics not only for your campervan to get up and running but for all the home comforts for cooking, having a hot shower, lighting and entertainment. Professionally fitted electrical systems will set you back around £1,000 if they have to be done from scratch. Though if it’s just lighting or the internal electrics that don’t affect your engine or running of the vehicle, it may be cheaper.

Roof Repairs

Depending on the condition, you may need to fix the roof. This could be strengthening it, adding a crash tested roof, installing a roof rack or doing up the underlaying. How much these repairs will cost will depend on the extent of the work that needs doing, so it could be a few hundred quid or reach into the thousands.


You’ll want the interior to be nicely furnished for both aesthetic and practical purposes. It’s possible to find highly affordable second-hand sofas, tables and more but if you want furniture that will last, Kiravans have a wide range of furniture designed for campervans, from table tops to kitchen units and more.


One of the most important areas to focus on and cost up, though it can be easily forgotten, is heating. A cheap option is to rely on small radiators or portable heaters, whereas installing a central heating-style system will make things comfortable but really stretch your wallet.

On a shoestring budget it’s possible to convert a campervan in just three figures, but for a proper job to be done and you end up with a reliable home on wheels, expect to spend at least £1,000.

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