How To Convert A Torrent File To MP4 On Windows And Mac

How To Convert A Torrent File To MP4 On Windows And Mac

Torrent/BitTorrentmeta info files are used to store files and folders data by the BitTorrent system.  You can then download these files, and play them on your media player/device after converting them.

Note that torrents are not video files.  Instead, they’re only fed with specific file information.  These may include; the video folder structure, its name, and size, etc.  Because of these features, the torrent files cannot be played on most video players like the windows media player, iPads, Apple, and Android, etc.

To enable these torrent files to be played on your preferred device/media player, you’ll need a good torrent to mp4 file converter.  Here are the simplified steps.

Step 1;  Download your torrent to Mp4 converter.  Install it.

Step 2;  Load your torrents on to the converter.  To upload your preferred torrent file, you could either drag and drop the file onto the converter or choose ‘add files’ so the software can automatically import them.

You can also upload more than one files at once if you want to convert more than one file.  If the data are for one movie, you can also merge them into a single file.

Step 3;  Select your output format.  After importing the files, what you’ll need to do next is to select MP4 files as your output format.  On the software dashboard you’ll see convert to mp3 but in this case, we’re converting the data to mp4 format so, that’s the format you’re going to choose.

Step 4;   Editing files.  After selecting Mp4 format as the preferred output, you’re going to edit the files.  During editing, you can perform various operations which include trimming unwanted parts on the movie, etc.  Either way, you could also add special effects as per your preferences.

You could adjust the brightness, load subtitles, and add watermarks, etc on the video.

Step 5;  Convert your videos.  Once you’re done with the editing part, you can then begin to convert your videos.


In summation, it’s worth noting that not all torrent files are safe.  Therefore, before launching any file to convert to mp4 format, ensure it’s free of any virus.  The most reliable way here is running the file on an antivirus to check for and remove any infection.

Besides, it is also important to note that, you cannot convert torrent files on their own.  The torrent files only act as a guide to help you download the right movie.

For this reason, before you start converting a torrent file to mp4 format, it’s critical that you have a torrent client like Utorrent installed.  After downloading the torrent client, you will have to launch it to open your torrent files to begin downloads.

In this case, the files will be downloaded in MKV, and AVI formats.

Bottom line

When choosing a torrent file converter to be sure to select one which can edit movies with enhanced editing features like cropping, adding watermarks, and subtitles, etc.  It should also be able to record or download videos from different video sharing platforms like YouTube etc.

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