How to throw a baby shower

How to throw a baby shower

Give your partner the surprise of their life – throw them a surprise baby shower! But start by buying baby clothes online.

Having a baby is one of the most significant episodes in one’s life. You and your partner can hardly wait for the baby to arrive! But as D-Day nears, the two of you become increasingly edgy. This is the time to calm your nerves with a good baby shower.

A baby shower will make your partner smile and calm down enough to enjoy the last few days of her magical journey as a mother. Here’s how you can throw a really great baby shower:

* Compile a guest list.

Begin with a guest list. Invite all your friends and close family, and any of your partner’s work colleagues that she is close to. The guest list must not be too large, however – a big party might become stressful for her. Be sure to include all the people who are close to her and who are excited about the new arrival as well. Once your guest list is ready, start sending out invites – quietly, of course. Swear every invitee to secrecy when you send out the invitations.

* Start shopping.

It’s not a baby shower without lots of gifts for the expectant mother and the baby. Your guests will certainly show up with gifts, but you must be the first one to gift your partner. Browse the Internet’s best fashion sites for baby clothes online. You can find onesies, cute little jackets, shirts and even party dresses for tiny little girls. Buying baby clothes online is really easy as well – just specify the age (0 to 1 year) and look for clothes. It is a good idea to get gender neutral clothing like tees and onesies because you won’t know the sex of the baby till after they are born. Apart from buying baby clothes online, you can also browse for soft toys and rattles that the baby will like.

* Get enough snacks.

Your guests will need to be fed, so enlist the help of a local caterer to deliver enough snacks and beverages to your home on the day. Account for the number of people attending, and plan a menu of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. The menu also depends on the time of the party – if it is likely to stretch from an evening party to a night one, then you might as well plan dinner for your guests. Budget for extras so that you don’t run out of food.

* Buy party favours.

It’s customary to see your guests off with their own goodie bags, so you must start preparing them right away. Draw up a list of what each bag should contain – maybe a framed photo of you and your partner posing with the baby bump, an expensive cologne or perfume (as the case may be), a bag of pot pourri and a scented candle. Fill each bag with things that the guest will remember the baby shower for, and which they can use later. You can buy the party favours on the same site that that you bought baby clothes online.

On the day, make sure your partner is home and dressed for the party – tell her you are taking her out for the evening, and ask the guests to arrive in groups. She will be thrilled to have her dear friends and family celebrating the joyful occasion with her – and she will always be grateful to you for making the occasion so special!

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