How To Understand Different Types Of Abuse And Violence

How To Understand Different Types of Abuse and Violence

Abuse and other forms of violence is the pattern of behavior that has the purpose of maintaining and establishing control over household members, family, individuals, intimate partners, colleagues and other groups of people. Even though offenders will know their victims, strangers can also commit these acts of abuse.

Abuse and violence can occur only once, or it can be long-term, but in most cases, domestic violence in Houston and in any other city, is the problematic form of violence. It doesn’t matter which form it acts because abuse and violence will affect victim’s well being and health. We can find roots of lots of forms of violence throughout our history as the main part of our society.

The main idea of abuse and violence is to maintain and establish control and power over another person. We differ eight forms of abuse and violence:

  1. Physical Violence

It occurs when someone uses object and body to control other person’s actions. It can cause severe physical health issues,and it is a form of abuse that could lead to fatality.

It uses physical force that could result in discomfort, pain or injury. It includes using a weapon, assault with weapons, threatening and it could lead to murder.

  1. Sexual Violence

Sexual violence happens when attacker forces victim to have sexual intercourse without consent. It includes forced sexual intercourse, forcing someone to perform painful or degrading sexual acts.

It could also lead to forcing someone to view inappropriate pornographic materials by use of a weapon or any force.

  1. Emotional Violence

Emotional violence is important to understandbecause it occurs when the victim does or says something that will make other people feel worthless or stupid.

It includes various things such as name-calling, blaming all problems on that person, using silent treatment, jealousy, destroying possession and everything that humiliates person you arewith. It is mostly the beginning of the physical violence,and it could lead to issues that are more serious.

  1. Psychological Violence

Psychological violence is different from emotional because it happens when an attacker uses fear and threats to gain control over another person. It includes threatening to harm the person you want to gain control.

At the same time, it could include threats of violence, abandonment, criminal harassment, verbal aggression and everything that could damage the other part but without physical abuse.

In most cases, it is close to physical abuse,and most partners who have the problem with psychological had issues with physical too.

  1. Spiritual Violence

As we all know, religious or spiritual violence happens when someone uses spiritual beliefs to dominate, manipulate or control the victim.

This particular problem includes not allowing a person to live a normal life without following the specific religious tradition. Forcing religious practice and path on another person.

At the same time, spiritual violence is similar as psychological with the idea to control the abused party by using words, but from a religious perspective.

  1. Cultural Violence

Cultural violence is the problem that occurs when someone harms the person as the result of his religion, culture, andtradition. It includes committing a crime against the women in some parts of the world where that is allowed by the law.

At the same time, some countries have the cultural laws that limit people who live inside. That is why Islamic culture is completely radical against women who fell in love with the wrong person, and those who are seeking divorce or perform adultery.

If you want to find more about violence, check here.

  1. Verbal Abuse

Verbal abuse is using the written or spoken the language to cause harm to other person or group of people. It includes expressive negative thoughts and words, recalling past mistakes, expressing distrust and public threatening of violence against his or her’s family members.

At the same time, verbal abuse is insulting, swearing, name calling with the idea to cause harm to someone.

  1. Financial Abuse

This particular type of abuse happens when the person controls the financial resources and misuses them without the consent of another party.

It includes not allowing someone to participate in various educations, as well as forcing someone to work, or refusing to let the person attend the school or work outside the home. It could cause the problems and in most cases leads to separation especially if the victim is the partner.

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