How to Utilise Your Garage Space to the Max

Utilise Your Garage Space to the Max

A garage can be an incredibly useful feature in a home, although all too often then can feel like they’re too small to be truly useful. If you’re struggling with space in your garage, there are a number of techniques you can use to maximise your storage. With these tips, you can transform your garage into so much more than a simple house for your car.

Utilise Wall Space

One of the best ways that you can save space in your garage is to make good use of your wall space. Floor standing cabinets and shelving units take up valuable space which could be saved by installing wall-mounted organisers instead. You can attach shelves directly to the walls, which will free up the space below for storage. You can utilise your wall space further by attaching hooks for hanging items on and wall mounts for items such as tools. In addition, you could add a magnetic board, on which you can stick any metal tools or screws and bolts. This not only increases floor space but also ensures that everything has its own place, which encourages you to keep your garage tidy. You may also want to consider installing overhead or ceiling storage to provide even more space.

Garage Doors

The doors that you choose for your garage can have a huge impact on your space. The best option for those with limited space are doors which fold vertically rather than outwards as they can be stowed away neatly rather than encroaching on your space. If you’re looking for a single electric garage door in Mansfield, you can find professional services with a range of different sizes to fit any space.

Collapsible Furniture

If your garage doubles up as a work room for DIY tasks, then you might want to consider having a collapsible workbench rather than a large table which takes up space. You could even attach a plank to your wall which folds out to make maximum use of your space. If you store your garden furniture in the garage over the winter months, then try opting for folding chairs and tables to save space.

Stay Organised

Another great way to create space in your garage is to stay organised. By knowing exactly what you have and where everything is, you can remove the need to root through everything just to find a particular item. It will also allow you to see what items you have more than one of so you can throw some things out. Boxing your items rather than having them loose allows you to increase space as they can be stacked on top of one another. This is also a great way to organise your belongings, as you can have each box labelled according to its purpose. Boxes should be stored according to your need for access, with everyday items towards the front, and less commonly used items such as Christmas decorations at the back.

By utilising these space-saving tricks and remaining organised, you can maximise your garage space to the fullest.

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