How to Watch Pinoy TV Shows Online

How to Watch Pinoy TV Shows Online

Now a day, you don’t need a television or cable package to enjoy full episodes of your favorite Pinoy TV shows whenever you want. There are plenty of websites that let you watch free Pinoy TV shows online that include some of the most popular shows. Just connect your internet device to a TV for a night of couch-surfing. You only need to know where you can watch Pinoy TV Shows online.

Let me tell you the trick of finding the best websites, which isn’t always an easy task to do. Some websites will scam into signing up for some bucks while others require that you must complete a survey before you can watch anything online. And if you’re not very careful, some websites that come with shady downloads can even infect your computer with viruses.

Good news for those who are busy in their everyday life and don’t have time to watch their favorite shows on Pinoy TV on time, especially for the Filipinos who are working abroad, don’t worry at all, TV companies like GMA, ABS-CBN and TV 5 have provided a website where you can watch live streaming or replays of your favorite shows. All the Filipinos out there please note that never patronage pirated websites that post or upload Pinoy TV shows without the permission of the network. Here I am going to tell you how to watch Pinoy TV shows officially on the websites of three networks.

There are 2 websites on which you can watch the live streaming and replay shows of the channel depending on your location. For local Filipino viewers you can easily register at or if you are ABS-CBN Mobile subscribers. You can also register on your smartphone by downloading their apps available on Google Play or Apple Store. For the viewers who are living abroad or the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) you can easily access the Pinoy Tv shows using The Filipino Channel official website You can register for seven days free trial and pay for the subscription package after the trail period whatever package you want to avail.

Available subscription package are as follows:

Premium Package – it has access to all of TFC’s latest programs and selected television classic series, sports programs and movies.

Lite Package (it may not be available in some areas) – it can access to essential content of TFC’s latest programs.

Movie Channel Package – Access to extensive on-line library of blockbuster and classic movie titles

GMA 7 Shows

The GMA 7 provide their valuable subscribers a website link where they can watch their favorite movies, news, live streaming and teleserye. The best thing about their website is that you can access it from anywhere for free. The livestream and replay can be found on their official website

TV 5 Shows

Just like GMA 7, the TV5 also provides a website link to watch live stream of TV 5 just go to their official website For the replay of the shows, go to

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