Inspiration Designs for Your Roman Blinds

Inspiration Designs for Your Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are a truly fantastic choice for window coverings throughout your home. These blinds are a true combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal. You’ll never regret opting for Roman styles in your home.

However, deciding to opt for “Roman blinds is just the start of the decision making process. The guide below is designed to help you narrow your choices of Roman blinds, as well as providing a few inspirational tips you may want to take into account…

Inspiration Designs for Your Roman Blinds

Choose your style  

When you have established that you wish to use Roman blinds in your home, this is just the first decision. You will now need to think about the style of Roman blind you want to use, as well as the colour and/or the pattern.

There are three individual styles of Roman blinds:

  • Soft fold: This style uses loops of fabric that continue down the blind and is the most ‘traditional’ style of a Roman blind. A soft fold Roman blind will protrude slightly from the window when lowered.
  • Flat Roman blinds: As the name suggests, flat Roman blinds lay flat against the window when they are lowered. They are considered to be the most contemporary option.
  • Relaxed style: These Roman blinds do not have horizontal panels; instead, they are raised and lowered by dedicated cords. Depending on how the rest of the room is styled, these can look either traditional or contemporary – they really are incredibly flexible.

Perhaps the biggest consideration in terms of style is the protrusion from the window. Soft fold Roman blinds do protrude, just slightly, into the room. This can mean they are not as suitable for small windows due to the potential to overwhelm the space. The same is true of relaxed blinds. If the window is particularly small, then you will usually find that flat blinds are preferable. All the above styles are available from Montgomery Roman Blinds.

Choose your colour. 

Selecting the right colour for your Roman blinds can be difficult. Here’s a few tips that can inspire you towards making the right choice…

  • Choose a colour that you use elsewhere in the room; for example, if you use red cushions on your living room sofa, then choose a red Roman blind for that room. This helps to create cohesion in the room, which helps to add to an effortlessly stylish finish.
  • Choose a colour that is classic. Choosing on-trend colours – such as the latest Pantone colour of the year, or “millennial pink” – is not the best choice for a blind. Well-designed Roman blinds will last for years, so you don’t want to be stuck with a blind that appears old-fashioned and behind the times in five years’ time. Opt for classic, constantly-popular colours or neutrals to ensure your blind is able to enjoy a long life.

Consider a pattern 

Patterns are not only incredibly stylish, but they are also incredibly practical. A pattern is less likely to show dirt and lint as quickly as a single block of colour can. Choosing Roman blinds that feature a pattern is a great way to keep a room looking great between cleaning sessions.

In conclusion 

One of the major benefits of Roman blinds is that they can, by and large, be anything you want them to be. Whichever style, colour, or pattern you choose, you’re sure to be delighted with the finished effect – enjoy!

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