Installing Bathroom in a Basement Cost

Installing Bathroom in a Basement Cost

Additional bathroom is the best option for improvement of your lifestyle and home value. However, if you are limited with your budget, adding a bath with a new foundation and footer or slab, new siding and roofing would easily cost one-third more than a basement bath. Sacrificing valued space from a bedroom or other living space is not an accepted alternative as well. Building in basement means that at least one or two walls may already exist, therefore it reduces the cost.

Installing a new basement bathroom includes new bathroom plumbing installation, which is is the largest component of your budget. The cost of running new bathroom lines can even dominate your budget, so set your priorities wisely, choosing where to splurge and where to save. Costs for a basement bathroom do not differ from upper level ones. But running water lines, the concrete foundation and providing drainage system make it rather different.

Making a cost estimation of the project before installing basement bathroom helps to set a budget. If you are not familiar with construction estimating, it seems an impossible brain-racking task for you. The best solution is to ask a contractor to quote the correct price. Keep in mind, installing basement bathroom involves not only plumbing, but framing, drywall, wiring, flooring, shower installation and finishing as well.

The average costs for basement renovation depend on the following:

  • Labour

             An average hour charge of professional plumbers is $45-$65 per hour. A full plumbing job that includes planning, site preparation, fitment and installation of a shower, toilet, bathtub and sink; plumbing supply line takes approximately 46 hours. Therefore, in total it costs you $2070 – $2990.

  • Fixtures:

The price can vary according to the chosen style and quality. A low cost bathtub is around $400-$1500, a sink estimates from $100 to$500, expect to pay $450-$2000 for shower installation, the cheapest in this list is a new toilet ($100 – $250).

  • Materials and supplies

           The cost of fittings, adhesives, finishes and sealersis about $100.

·         Enhancement and improvement costs

     If you need to have changes in your floorplan be ready to pay $500-$1000.

  • Removal and disposal fees:

     Removal and disposal of old plumbing fixtures cost $150 plus $450-$650 paid for 10 hours of labour.

  • Extra Costs

Actual costs depend on conditions, size options and job size.A basic bathroom addition costs from $10,000 to $25,000.

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