Is the Craze for Giving Government Exams on the Decrease?

Is the Craze for Giving Government Exams on the Decrease

It is result time and things have definitely gone a step ahead with this generation. Kids are performing amazingly well and there are more and more excellent candidates for the many jobs from different fields emerge every now and then. Students break their heads to get good grades and then get into the college that best suits their interests.

Children, from a very young age, are exposed to extreme competitions and are bound to perform better every single time. During this process, the idea of mediocrity has almost vanished. Since there are a lot of budding talents here and there and a lot more to share, the need for competitive exams have increased in every field

Once, the students complete education, there comes the need for getting into a good job that can put their knowledge to test and also help them lead a dignified life. And then there comes the confusion of whether to apply for a job at the Private Sector or the Public Sector.

Private Sector does not demand any kind of special exam result to hire its employees but on the other hand, Public Sector Undertakings take in employees who have a certain special qualification and have given the required government based exam.

There was a time in India when the girls were married to only those men who were a part of the Government workforce. It didn’t really matter as to what his salary, age, compatibility or the job was. A job with the Government meant a fine marriage set up and a happily ever after.

Has this trend changed in 2018? Do people still believe that people from the government workforce get the highest grade of respect and are treated well? Does a government job mean everything has been set?

Things are definitely changing. The world is constantly developing and due to the rise in inventions and innovations, more job opportunities are out there for each individual. But I still believe that there is a large group of people who still believe Government Jobs can get their lives set for good.

It is a no brainer that almost every single dignified, respected government job will have you give an extremely competitive exam to get you near the post. There are many fields in which you can get a job with government run organisations. Banks, Defence, Police, PWD, etc take in candidates who have performed well in those government based exams relating to the field. Remember as a child we had at least 1 kid in our class who wanted to be an IAS Officer? What makes people believe that the most beneficial and the most exuberant of jobslie with the government?

Private Sector provides good salary package, better benefits and a dynamic work environment. Government jobs are stagnant, redundant and more towards the usual side of paperwork. But, we still find the young generation running towards the jobs provided by the government. Why?

Government jobs are more reliable and stable. Private sector is now trending for its hire and fire policy but in PSUs, once you are hired, you can sail the boat till the time you are retired unless you do something loathsome. It makes you proud. Your relatives are proudly talking about you to others. It is a big deal in India.

Furthermore, we find a lot of graduates giving Bank, IES Exam and UPSC exams. Why is it so? People from different educational backgrounds, financial backgrounds want to shake hands with PSUs. Engineers want to give IES Examinstead of pursuing a PG degree or work for a private organisation.

Though the IT Sector and Multimedia fields are developing, people still want to get a government job due to the stress free job profile and the name respect they get as a result. But getting a government job is super difficult. People need to crack exams like the IES Exam and UPSC Exams to get into the Public Sector.

According to my knowledge, the number keeps rising every year as the private sector opportunities are either too much or too less for the candidate. They either find solace or relief in government jobs. People want to be assured and not want to take risks in life. They are happy with anything that will make their lives better permanently.

So, the craze for giving government exams like the IES Exam can never decrease in a country like India. People from all backgrounds get jobs and have job security. Government jobs mean credibility and security for them. It is as if they have gained the fruits of all the hard work and toil they had once put into becoming an adult. They attain the peak of their lives the minute they get hired. And since there is a never reducing demand for government jobs, there will be more and more people every year to give government exams and bag the opportunity. Even when things are super tough, we want more government jobs and this trend is never going to go away till the end of posterity.

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