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Gold is recognized as a global currency. Gold is the only asset that is both liquid and tangible at the same time and every financial consultant will ask you to have gold as part of your collection. So you might be thinking that what type of gold to buy? Should you buy gold bar or gold coins or gold jewellery?

The very first thing you need to understand is the distinction between buying actual gold and gold stocks. When buying gold stocks, you are buying stocks of mining companies, not the gold itself. As such, these stocks are determined by stock market more than the gold value itself. In fact, as gold tends to go the opposite direction of stock prices, you may find yourself losing money on gold stocks even if the price of gold is higher.

The most easily accessible gold for buying and selling is most definitely jewellery. Still, coins and gold bars make for a better investment. Some people opt to buy gold bars online for its unique and natural look. But, others are purchasing this precious metal as an asset and ways of fighting inflation. Investing in gold is pretty much the same as any other investment, it involves risk.

At present, due to the scarcity of gold in the market, the demand has greatly risen these past few years. Another aspect to this rise is the fact that excavation and processing costs are also rising by the day. How to properly handle your gold investments? If you finally decide on building a gold collection or buying gold bars, then you should study some do’s and don’ts when it comes to handling gold. This can greatly reduce the risk and keep the liquidity of your assets.

Set your goals. Are you an individual that is buying gold for fashion or artistic enhancements or are you one of those who prepares for the future. Understand the past market prices. Having a good look at past prices can greatly help in determining the right time to buy gold.

Take into consideration the purity and weight. There are several factors that affect the price of gold. One of which is its purity and weight. Finer and heavier gold gets you closer to the real value of the gold in the market. Look for the certifications and marks. Every gold bar has a certification or mark. This consists of the manufacturers name, weight, purity and serial numbers. This proves that your gold bar is genuine.

At present, you can buy gold bars from various sources, even online. Choose gold jewellery online shopping for better prices & great deals. But, if you are purchasing online, it is a good idea to buy from reputable sellers who have a lot of transaction history and feedbacks. Choose a safe place for your investment storage. If you buy gold bars, then a bank safety deposit box will do the job.

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