Know How You Can Build A Tyre Home

How You Can Build A Tyre Home

Tire statistics and ingenuous ways of upcycling them:

Upcycling has taken the world by storm and is all the rage among environmentalists, thrifty consumers and the like. Up-cycling is taking an item that has been discarded and turning it into something else that is functional or aesthetically pleasing. This idea is a noble and innovative prospect. Statistics show, according to the EPA and the Rubber Manufacturers Association, over 290 million tires are shockingly thrown away on a daily basis and this is just awful for mother earth.

The amazing news though is that Over 80 percent of these are being upcycled now into many creative and novel things. From the age old favourite tire swing to pond enclosures or coffee tables, there are some pretty remarkable tire turnarounds out there. There are so many amazing things you can make with recycled tires. Many industries have jumped aboard this honourable trend and found useful ways of incorporating tire parts into fortuitous items such as the house building industry.

The automotive industry is making moulded rubber parts from them and some of the biggest selling is brake pads and brake shoes. The horticultural sector uses the rubber for subgrade fill and embankments. Recycled rubber parking stops are a top made product. The sports manufacturing trade integrates the rubber into playing fields and on playgrounds to lessen injury from falls. Out of all of the trades, however, the building industry has found a way to use up the largest percentage of discarded tire through building homes.

How this unique idea was spawned and what it is:

When David Alder was inspired to build a home out of tires using earthship principles, it became a trend throughout Europe and the United States alike and sparked the interest of many earth sustaining enthusiasts. An earthship is a passive solar house, building or other dwelling that is constructed out of natural elements and upcycled materials, such as tires. An earthship is built incorporating six principles of sustainability and is listed as follows.

1.self-contained sewage management

2.constructing with natural and recycled materials

3.water garnering and long term storage

4.some internal food production proficiency

5.thermal solar heating and cooling

6.wind and solar energy

The concept of earthship dates way back into antiquity and has been ever evolving throughout time with greater sustainability practices being discovered. In the 1970’s architect mike Reynolds, designed an improved blueprint plan and built an earthship out of beer cans. He wrapped the cans in wire and shaped them into a brick and plastered over them. Biotecture merges biology with architecture in the planning and building of earthship creating sustainable living conditions for man and the environment. Many of these architectural masterpieces are both unique and beautiful.

Interesting and innovative home decorating ideas using rubber tires:

There are some very beautiful and functional outdoor furniture pieces that people have made out of tires and are relatively easy to create. If you want to make an attractive seat that also operates as a storage compartment all you will need is an old tire, hot glue, 200 feet of rope, industrial glue, two wood circles to fit the tires diameter, foam, outdoor fabric, a staple gun and adornment such as trim or buttons. The first step is to thoroughly clean the tire and this can easily be accomplished with soap and a hose.

After the tire is dry, begin hot gluing the rope all the way around the tire from top to bottom. Turn the tire over now and glue the wood rounds to the bottom and let it thoroughly dry for 24 hours. The cushion can be created by cutting the same size foam as the wood circle and glue to the wood round. Put the fabric over the cushion and staple the edges till secure. The excess can be removed by trimming with scissors. Voila! For a mere couple of dollars you now have an attractive weatherproof seat with storage capabilities.

Due to tires durability, they make fantastic flower and garden planters. They can be painted to suit the landscape and color theme one wants to bring out. Ornamental grasses and trailing plants look particularly nice in them. Making the planter into a hanging basket is as easy as tying a rope around the tube and securing it to a tree or pole. However controversial, many homeowners use tires for vegetable and herb growing and they are perfect for smaller yards or even decks. It is presumed that seeds germinate faster in tire rounds due to the higher heat getting absorbed into the rubber. The heat that is trapped in the tire also heats up the soil much quicker.

Frequently asked questions and answers about the use of upcycled rubber and etc. for building:

Q: What are the most frequently used materials and how are they used in the construction of the building or home?

A: Used tires and wood are the top used resources for earthship. Interior walls are generally created by filling the cavity of the tire up with soil and this gets plastered over. Wood is used for beams, window frames and roofs.

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