Make Sure to Follow Certain Guidelines While Using Copper Nails Outside

copper nails

When the sky is clear, and there’s sun outside, you might feel like grabbing a handful of nails and get those outdoor repair works done which were left pending due to adverse weather conditions for some time. Whether it is your siding which needs to be repainted or few repair works in the attic, it depends a lot on the weather. Even though the rain might not be in the forecast for some time, grabbing any nail at random might not be a fair choice at all. If you plan on getting the steel nails, it will automatically catch rust due to the moisture in the atmosphere in due course of time. Even if you plan to paint them, it will not be able to prevent the rust, and in a couple of years to come, you will find it getting blunt.

So, according to the experts, any outdoor repair job must have galvanized or copper nails so that the construction work stands tall even in the most stringent conditions. The more the nails are exposed to exterior weather conditions, the more are the chances for these nails to go under chemical oxidation-reduction reaction. In the presence of sunlight, and moisture in the air, the particles in the nails are set loose to react and hence leads the process of corrosion. However, if you’re living anywhere near the coast, the chances of this reaction taking place increases and also corrosion takes place at a rapid rate.

Galvanized Copper Nails- the Ideal Choice For Any Construction Project

Galvanizing is a conventional process that is carried out to prevent the nails from corroding, and hence most of the contractors prefer them since the zinc coating erodes before corroding the main material. Go through any carpenter’s bag, and you will find 8d and 16d galvanized or copper nails ready. They are most popularly used in the windows, and exterior doorways as these areas are exposed to all kinds of weather conditions.

Considering the inexpensive side of any construction project, the aluminum nails are also a favorite choice for the constructors. Most of the home centers always have boxes of aluminum nails ready at hand, and since they are lightweight, they are also popular in the industry. There’s another reason why the aluminum nails are chosen- the metal that is used. Since most of the wooden furniture is made of cedar and redwood, these aluminum nails do not react at all with them, and hence there are no stains.

The importance of the nails has been realized long back, and hence they cannot be replaced at all. Over the years, the price of the nails have come down a lot, and as a result of this, the construction industry finds enough choices to make. As and when the industry advances, people keep trying to find something as hard as copper nails, but till date, there is no such progress on that. However, the copper nails are expected to stay longer and keep joining materials as and when needed.

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