Moving Your House With Mr Shifter Removal and Storage Services

Moving Your House With Mr Shifter Removal and Storage Services

Are you looking for a domestic residential removals service? Then our experienced team of Mr Shifter Removal and Storage Services about nearly four decades is a good choice for youthroughout London. Our motto is that we do not just help you move house, but move your happy hometo a new place efficiently and cost effectively.

Moving home is very difficult jobbut here at Mr Shifter Removal and Storage we can help this task less stressful since you can rely on our services of taking care of all of your precious belongings and transport them to wherever you want. We are removal professionals with years or experiences so you can rest assured that we are taking care with your precious belongings.As removal experts, we understand that on your moving day you will be busy doing other things such as arrange new schools for your children, buy new furnitures, etc. Wewill be in charge of all moving things so you have more time to care for your tasks.

Let our local team has a chance to serve your specific needsWhether you are moving within your local area in London or to the other location, we willbe there to help you overcome every single step. We will offer a comprehensive schedule and timeline of moving servicesto suit your needs, timescale and budget.We know that every move is different with a lot of furniture and equipment. So, if you are a first time mover, or moving into a smaller or bigger property we have the means to deal with all your needs.

Moreover, we also offer excellent storage services so that customerscan be assured that their furniture will be packedand stored directly inside the storage containers. This gives themthe confidence to know that their furniture is kept safe and has been packed correctly during the period in storage. We will have responsibility for your belongings.Our proven standard services that we follow when helping you with moving house is specifically designed around you the customers, to meet your own special needs.

Many of our customers continue refering us to their friends and their family. This is because, unlike many cheap removals companies, Mr Shifter guarantee a risk free house move and have customer services at the heart of everything we do. Whether you are concerned about your furniture, large valuables such as pianos, or even the property type you are moving from, we will be happy to help answer any questions you may have. Contact Mr Shifter Removals and Storage today or fill out our quick and easy quote form for residential removals then one of our team will contact you back with 48 working hours to discuss your requirements.

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