Quality content development and strategic content marketing are the keys to excel in the game of digital marketing. Unlike earlier, businesses around are realizing the power of content, and  Now that content creation and advertising have become conventional, for a business to lead in the industry, they must have contriving ways to make their product uniquely reach the consumer.

A new component to add to the unceasing progress of inbound marketing in of search results is topic clusters.Topic clusters are becoming a fundamental unit of search engine optimization since they help in increasing page ranking. They are extensive and essential in building a keyword relationship.

Topic clusters came into being with the continuously varying search pattern of consumers. With the motivation to provide better and relevant results to keyword search, Google came up with an algorithm to refine searches based on the pattern of past search. This lead to the creation of topic clusters and pillar pages.

Pillar Page:

  • Pillar page is the main web page to which every other blog post or a web page is interlinked. It is the base on which topic clusters are built. Pillar page covers one specific topic, the related keywords of whom are covered by topic clusters. With the help of pillar pages, one talks about a particular topic in a way that one fully understand the gist of it but is intrigued enough to dig deeper into clusters to know further.
  • Since search queries are getting more and more conversational, pillar pages aim at enveloping every single aspect of a single theme.
  • Pillar pages and topic cluster boost SEO by covering all the sub-topic of a definite subject. The connectivity of web pages and blog posts internally creates a domino effect and elevates page ranking. The external connectivity of the blog posts and web pages with the same pillar page also raise search engine ranking.
  • The amount of time a consumer spends on the web page affects the search ranking. Since the pillar content is exhaustive, a customer stays on the web page longer for getting solutions to all their query on a single site. This is noted by Google, which in- turn boosts the specific website’s page ranking.
  • Pillar pages is an all-encompassing tool, which is elementary to creating an effective content strategy. They enhance the relevance of content. Since the material in pillar pages covers the subject as a whole and with topic clusters covering every subdivision of the same subject, the aptness is profound and precise.
  • Considering that you created the pillar page with a definitive subject in your mind, to further break it down into sub-topic will require you to create content surrounding the main subject. It will help in sorting up the process of research and keyword development. This also provides consumers with a seamless flow since the cluster contents are elaborately described blog posts, web pages which are a derivative of pillar content.

To build an exhaustive and effective pillar page:

  • After selecting a topic related to your service, do a thorough keyword search. Look for the trending words in the particular arena. Comprehensive keyword research will help you in creating an all-inclusive topic cluster.
  • Also, do extensive research on the cluster content topic. An informative and in-depth cluster content with proper linking from pillar page to clusters will significantly improve your page ranking.

Content is undoubtedly the king of inbound marketing , but to ascertain relevance and  keep consumers coming back to the same page, a content creator will have to dig deeper into the growing  branches  of the respective subject in order to quantify the overall content.

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