Replacement Windows for Character Homes

Replacement Windows for Character Homes

Double glazing has been with us for many years now, and with composite materials, such as anodised aluminium and uPVC, modern homes can be complemented with replacement double glazed window. Yet for the character home, such as the many fine terraced period houses you find in UK cities, this modern look simply doesn’t belong, and fortunately, there are double glazing companies that are dedicated to working on character properties.

Quality Timber Frames

If you want to replace the windows in an older property, timber is the perfect choice, and with bespoke sash windows that come in a range of finishes, you can match the existing look of the property. The timber framed windows would have a slim gap in the double glazed units, which is ideal for timber frames, and the choice of timber includes hardwood, softwood and Accoya, which happens to be very durable. The units would be fabricated in the factory, and with millimetre precision, each window would fit like a glove, and as far as durability goes, the contractor would issue a long warranty.

It’s All in the Design

For any period property, it is essential that the replacement windows are in keeping with the overall look, and if you happen to be looking for modern sash windows in Upper Norwood, for example, there is a local company that is dedicated to the design and installation of made to measure double glazed windows that are designed specifically for that property. Your home might be of a Tudor design, which would be best represented with Georgian style squares, and let us not forget the traditional leaded windows, which can be perfectly replicated using modern techniques. Aside from the traditional sliding sash and side hinged openings, you could experience the added comfort of a dual swing design, or tilt and turn, which is also a very popular choice to replace traditional sash windows.

Take your Time

With something as dramatic as window replacement, you want to be 100% sure that the design reflects the look of the property, and an established window company would have showroom facilities, where the client can actually experience a range of designs in a real life environment. While it is fine to view the product in a brochure, nothing beats interaction and a showroom setting offers you a glimpse of how the units might look in your home.

If you are wondering how to source the right kind of window company, all it takes is a Google search, and with some careful browsing, you can eliminate those who are unsuitable and ask one or two to quote for the project. It isn’t possible for a company to quote for replacement windows without first measuring up, so expect the company to send a representative round to your home. This allows you both to discuss styles and with their expertise and your vision, the perfect design will soon become clear.

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